Beast Mode

By Sarah Aterrado - December 10, 2017

I guess Jan and I need an attitude makeover.

You see, we've been together in more than 20 flights. And perhaps a little less than half of that were at least an hour to three hours delayed. And not one, not a single free flight voucher from any airline has been issued to us for the inconvenience while I see a lot of my friends getting free round trip flights for an hour delay.

I think the problem roots to our attitude. We DGAF. We ran out of fukcs to give that we're already missing a lot. We still act calmly even in eventful and stressful situations and I'm starting to think it's a bad thing. What if nag-beast mode kami? Or kahit nagreklamo man lang? I reckon it's going to be different. Ang dami na siguro naming free flights ngayon.

The problem is, parang ang hirap magalit. I've never seen Jan angry. And he's never seen me angry, too. I am not easily offended. Perhaps I might have not reached my boiling point yet. But I still get pissed off. I get pissed off when someone is rude towards me. I get pissed off at disgruntled fast food crews who give me the wrong orders at a time when I am already dying of hunger. I get frustrated when a team member has not done his/her job properly and the situation will be taken out on me. I get annoyed at idiocy and stupidity. BUT...

But you see, those are just a few of the many situations where I've seen normal people start losing their cool and here I am just brushing everything off like nothing happened. The most I can do is to kill someone in my mind 20 times within 5 minutes in a hundred different ways. Or if eye-rolling and sarcasm can kill and count as expressions to anger, you'd be dead before you even know it.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a wimp. I can fight, too. I grew up fist-fighting in our neighborhood and I have a little training in martial arts - to which my friend has reiterated that this is scarier than someone who's perpetually angry. Mas nakatakot daw magalit ang taong hindi nagagalit. Eh lalo na yung marunong mag "karate". Haha. So yeah, try me. 

I wonder what happens when Jan and I get married, move in to our new house, and get into a fight. Knowing him who can throw that perfect uppercut and me who can execute a good roundhouse kick, I guess, kailangan namin ng boxing ring.
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Should I be worried? I'm afraid this DGAF attitude might be bottling up my anger, explode, and then I become a Hulk (or worse, Peter Griffin) one day.

And also, yeah, still bummed we never got those free flights.

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  1. I don't know u personally but reading your blog for quite some some time, I therefore conclude u are the coolest person of your breed.

    1. With that said, I'm not even sure if I'm living amongst the humans. Haha

  2. Hi! I found this blog by accident and I enjoy reading it. I wish I'm the same as you. I easily loose my temper but I'm trying to control.

  3. I would do this and it worked well for my ex. Make sure you give praise when good service is given, so when poor service is given you can feel like you are being honorable to everyone. To the good and the bad. And more often then not, you will then get comped things and you won't have to feel bad about bottling up the frustration.