Photo Dump: The Best of 2017

By Sarah Aterrado - December 27, 2017

Today, I thought of making a Christmas New Year's wishlist just so I have something to blog about. But I've already gotten more than what I would have wished for. Also, it would just make me feel guilty knowing that Jan gave me an iPhone SE for Christmas while all I got for him was a letter in a memo pad that was given free from one of those blogging events. Haha.

I also thought of listing my New Year's resolutions. But then, I have more than 20 years worth of proof that New Year's resolutions always fail by the end of January. Writing them would be pointless.

So, to make up for the lack of blog posts this December, I'll do what bloggers usually do: write a year-end post. Here goes...

The LakwatSARAH. Staying true to the moniker, I was able to travel to a lot of beautiful places here and abroad, and I'm so glad that I shared most of those moments with Jan. I know this isn't much for a seasoned traveler. But for someone who has a nine-to-five job, household and parenting responsibilities, and a demanding social life, I think this already says a lot. 

Challenge Accepted. I was invited to become a guest speaker three times on different occasions this year. It was not easy to speak in front of the public, but I am glad I was able to pull it off.

Congratumalations, Self! I never really expected such. But these awards, whether big or small, will definitely keep me going. And honestly, I wouldn't be able to do this without my number one fan and critic, Jan.

I would have loved to blog about cheesy stuff like the love I get from family and friends (the lunatic cat included) but I have my entire life to write about that and no amount of words would be enough to express how grateful I am. A lot of things happened this year. However, the things I have mentioned signify my growth in blogging and traveling - the things I absolutely love to do.

And oh, please, don't get it wrong. 2017 was not all rainbows and butterflies. I also have my share of nothing-too-serious-but-considerably-epic-fail moments. I started vlogging but miserably failed. I got derailed from my fitness goals - never got that good muscle tone that I've always wanted. I was just one step away from booking that South Korea trip (Php 3.6k RT for two) and I blew it (can you imagine the heartbreak?). And if ever there's one thing I'm good at, I excel at procrastination and that is such a bad thing.

Life is still so full of tae. Shit happens and I've had my share of drowning into a deep pile. But I emerged triumphant. Or perhaps I have just gotten used to shit after living with it for long enough that I stopped giving an eff about it. Either way, I did well.

2017 wasn't perfect. And 2018 won't be either. But rest assured, it's definitely going to be purposeful.

So here's to a purposeful and goal-oriented 2018! Cheers!
Sarah Andres po, para sa Senado ngayong 2018!

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  1. galante ni boyfie. san ba makakahanap ng boyfriend tulad ni jan? hahahaha. happy new year po and congratulations achieve na achieve ang 2017.

    1. He's a rare breed. As a matter of fact, an endangered species. He's a programmer who writes scripts only aliens can understand by day and a six-string rockstar by night.

      I bet you can find someone like him pretty much everywhere. Although it might be a little hard to spot them because they're like chameleons who can easily blend with whatever crowd they're in. Usually his types are found among his equals - species with high intellect - clutching a beer or two, delving into deep, meaningful, and more often than not, green conversations. They stay away from crowds, overrated coffee shops, and rarely or never in bars or any other places with flashy lights.

      Haha. Tama na. Pwede na tong pang blog post. Also, he's not galante, ngayon lang yan. Haha.

      Happy new year din po! :)

  2. love reading your blog, beautiful! more blogs pls.