Beach, Please.

I had an amazing long weekend at my favorite beach in Dahican. But laziness reared its ugly head in and, as usual, I didn’t take any interesting photos.

Well, except for this:

Dahican is love. No filter needed.
This Mati trip is just the first of my many beach getaways this 2018.

Anyway, speaking of beaches. A little over a month ago, I told Jan we'll prepare our beach bodies (haha) for our incoming beach getaway. That means eating healthy and doing some reps to tone those muscles. We actually need to gain. And with only a less than two weeks to go, my lazy ass is still stuck on the couch. I have all the time to work out, I just don't have the drive. I've been longing to have that perky butt but I haven't really been doing anything about it because laziness keeps on winning me over.

In fact, even too lazy to keep myself hydrated. I might need an app or something to remind and force me to drink up. My skin's gone really dry. I've been meaning to take extra care of my skin too because I'm well aware that I'm not getting any younger. Pero hanggang sa simula lang ako. I couldn't maintain a skin care routine religiously. Plus, I tan extremely easily. Konting exposure sa sun sobrang sunog na ako. Eh mahilig akong magpaaraw. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my tan but I've always wanted to achieve an even-toned glowing morena skin. And I guess, the only way to do it is to become an artista in Hollywood because in Pinas, oofferan lang ako ng whitening.

While gandang-gluta continues to be the benchmark for measuring beauty, this girl and all other sun-kissed pinay celebs are bravely breaking the barriers society has set.

Erich has lately been my fitspiration and skinspiration. The skin, the body, and the verve - that's everything I wanted for myself. I've met her before and she was skinnier than me. Just look at her now. I've never been this motivated to be so fit. Kung kaya nya, kaya ko rin.

Di po ako sobrang maliit. I stand 5'3. Nakaheels lang talaga si Erich. Hehehe

But meh.

Right now, I'd give anything for 2 plates of bacon, boba asam red milk tea, gummy bears, and at least 8 hours of Netflix on a la-z-boy.

Laziness - 358. Sarah - 0.


  1. Erich is mediocre actress and oa, too thin to be a fitspiration.