Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Can't Wait

Here's how we've been spending our weekends:

Somewhere cold and at least 1,000ft above sea level.
And most probably, the incoming weekends too.

I feel giddy whenever Jan sends me an email because it only means one thing: travel. Last week, he told me to check my email, and tada! Grinning from ear to ear, I immediately replied with the most excited word one could ever read: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! This guy never fails to surprise me. He said he's been eyeing on it for a long time and when he finally had the chance, he proceeded to book even without my knowledge.

A week from now, it's going to be our 4th year anniversary. And I can't wait! Some people may think that this doesn't excite me anymore because I have had relationships that lasted longer. However, I’m feeling very good about (our) every anniversary because it always feels like the first time.

BUT! Before I get too excited, I still have to take care of a few more things like work, the laundry, and a giant baby. Jan had rabies shots today and he feels weak. Well, actually, the severity of his condition doesn't really matter. Because even if he had just a simple cold, he's still convinced that he is dying. Men are such whiny babies when they get sick, don't you think?


  1. Hahahaha! Google "man flu" and you will understand. Congrats pud diay

  2. I super love this line: "Men are such whiny babies when they get sick, don't you think?"

    1. This is as good as agreeing with what I said. Haha


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