Road Trip to Cape San Agustin

I knew I should have just rolled this Gov. Gen. and Mati trip into one long blog post. I realized that after coming home late at night from a 2-leg road trip and waking up really early the next day for Easter Sunday service, I'm too drained to churn out something coherent.

But since I couldn't sleep either, I might as well just try to come up with something that's at least readable. Because if I don't do this today, I'll just find myself with a hundred and one excuses why I couldn't write about this later on.
Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental
Pretty views like this welcomed us from time to time as we drove our way to Governor Genoroso.
From Mati, we drove two hours to Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso (a.k.a Parola) just for kicks. And also, I really wanted to see the Pink Beach even though I knew I would just end up getting disappointed by the fact that the sand isn't actually pink. The real bummer, however, is that the beach was closed to tourists that day (or perhaps for an indefinite time).

We were 4 hours away from home and there's no way I'm going back without doing something worthwhile from there. Hence,
Parola, Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso
When you’re trying to look brave but deep inside you’re scared witless. But you have to do it for the blog. Haha.
Parola, Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso
I was almost crawling going down. But of course, the pictures wouldn't tell you that.
Of course, this trip wasn't all buwis-buhay - a reminder that I am the bane of Jan's existence, giving him anxiety and mini-heart attacks because of my guts and clumsiness (these two don't really go well together). Cape San Agustin got some awesome sights too!

View of the Pacific ocean
Hello there, Pacific Ocean!
View of the Pacific ocean

Honestly, there's not much you can do in the Parola. But I find it amazing how watching the different hues of the ocean can instantly put me at peace. And that's good enough for a long ride.

Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental

But you know what else made this road trip really amazing? It's simply the time on the road together. We can talk about anything. We can bust-a-move freely whenever our jam comes on. We can sing our guilty pleasures at the top of our lungs (someone please remind me to include Salbakuta's Stupid Love on my playlist. Can't believe I memorized the whole song by heart).

And if there's one thing I learned during our road trip, it's that men are too stubborn to ask for directions. Am I right or am I right? Haha.

So, the tank's full. Where to next?


  1. That lighthouse pic looks scary and awesome! Grabe first few flights of stairs malulula na ako.

    1. Tapang-tapangan lang yan. And it is indeed scary! Nanlambot tuhod ko. Tapos wala ka pang mahahawakan sa taas. Yung poste ng lighthouse lang mismo. I was almost crawling going down. Haha

  2. Ang stupid love sa jd. Hahahaha