Puyatan na naman

I remember during my freshman year in high school, I saw a batch of seniors who were standing in neat rows under the heat of the sun. They looked cool in their combat boots and fatigue, except, they were more like puppies to me than soldiers. They're pretty good at obeying commands. Sit, roll over, drop and play dead, or whatever the commanding officer tells them to. I watched them every Friday and told myself I've already been potty-trained since 2, I don't need new tricks, and I'm never going to be a trained pup. And the only way to elude the comedy and horror of Preparatory Military Training (PMT) is to be part of a varsity team.

So I did. Football (a.k.a. Soccer) wasn't my first choice of sport. The Volleyball team had already closed their try-outs and Football was the only team that's still recruiting new members. I was not really into football. Heck, I didn't even know how to play. But I'm pretty sure I was good at running. The try-outs were never easy but I made it to the team only to find out a few months later that being a football varsity is far worse than being a cadet.

Ateneo Ladies Football Team, DACS '99.
- First, cadets will only have to endure an hour of formation on Fridays, while we have to practice at least 2 hours every day and have to be at the field 5 am on Saturdays (who would want to wake up early on a Saturday?!).
- Cadets do not have to worry about grades, varsities do. We have to maintain good grades or else we will be out of the team, and by default, all non-varsity seniors will fall under PMT.
- Cadets only have to endure an hour under the 3 o'clock sun. One football game lasts 90 minutes under midday sun.
- I never had a week without a scrape, a bruise, a sprain, or a dislocation.
- And lastly, we were made to follow commands that look more ridiculous than doing a parade rest - attention position fifty times in a row. (I was made to do a crab walk for 30 minutes for being 5 minutes late)

Hashtag that NganoNiEnter.

Here’s a throwback to my 2-toned skin brought about by years of playing football. Haha. Circa 2000.
Well, our football training sessions were hell and our coach back then was the devil. I guess, I was really made for hell because I enjoyed every part of it so much.

I love football. I will always do. It has been more than a decade since I last played in the field and I'm glad that every 4 years since 2002, that futbolista in me is awakened. Well, literally.

Starting tonight, it is going to be a string of sleepless albeit breathtaking nights. This is the time of the year I curse living in this side of the world where live games are televised from 12:00 am to 4:00 am. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is about to begin! I'll be rooting for the same teams I've been rooting for since forever (Argentina and Spain). And just like any other sports fan, I'm going to turn into that football expert, sports-analyst wannabe everybody gets so annoyed about.


  1. wow so pretty! parang walang nagbago!

    1. May nagbago naman. Pantay na yung kulay ko. Itim na lahat. Haha

    2. Jordan TorregosaJune 23, 2018 at 7:10 AM

      i love reading your blogs! mas maganda ang morena. yung mga mapuputi pag pinaitim mo maganda pa kaya? hihih ikaw maam maganda parin kahit umitim pa.

  2. You sure that was taken 18 years ago? You have not aged woman. I'm rooting brazil btw.