Sunday, November 11, 2018

NBS Book Binge Bazaar Book Haul

Today is 11.11. Every online and physical store is on a HUUUUGE sale. Tempting, yes. But I wasn't really psyched about it because:

1. I'm broke. And even if I had the money,
2. The internet has been fucked up since Thursday.

So instead of wasting precious bandwidth, loading websites that will only make me a thousand more poorer, I'll blog about last month's National Book Store's Book Binge Bazaar book haul instead.

I was actually one of the few selected bloggers who got the first dibs on the first ever Book Binge Bazaar in Davao. And I'm really grateful to National Bookstore for giving me this opportunity (and the Php2k worth of GCs as well). :)

I've never been so stoked before. You know how kids get excited the moment they enter a toy store? That's exactly how I felt. I honestly tried to have a step back on my  book buying habit and I thought I was doing pretty well (been avoiding book stores, really) until this event and once again, it has proven to be difficult so far.

I couldn't help but splurge a little bit. And here are the books I got:

Non-fics. Php 275 each. The word "F*ck" makes it an interesting read.
YA fiction. Php 175 each. Interesting titles and cute covers.
Fantasy. Rick Riordan's. Php 175 each. And now, I'm on a quest to complete all.
Fantasy. Clariel Php 175. This is the 4th book of the trilogy that I already have. Shadows of Self Php 75. I'm a B. Sanderson fan.
Word games. 1 set of 3 books = Php 175. Other books I bought (no photo), children's books Php 75 each.
It's been a while since I posted about books. And I think when it comes to buying books, I will never be too broke that I end up being broke. No regrets though.  :)


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah. I've actually read the epub before. This was priced at Php600+ for trade paperback. Can't believe I got my own copy. Hardcover pa!

  2. How much did you get Mark Manson for?


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