The Wedding Diaries: The Ring

Jan and I went to the casa last Saturday for Bill's periodic maintenance service (PMS). Since we still have 2 hours to spare before our turn, we decided to go to SM to pass time and browse for wedding rings.

We went inside Odysseus Suarez and I was glad to see the same friendly man who accommodated us before. Initially, Jan and I wanted platinum rings but since we’re not some senator's kid who can easily burn at least 80k for these tiny handcuffs (the design we wanted costs around 100k), we settled for the poor man's version of platinum instead, the white gold.

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My second choice was a two-toned ring. White gold with two thin strips of yellow gold on the side without diamonds. Even though I wanted to keep it simple, I wasn't really eager on having it all white because while white gold is more expensive than yellow, it could still be mistaken as a cheap sterling silver. (So is platinum, I know. But hey, it's platinum. You can't argue with that.)

Not until I saw our ring.

White gold in matte finish with little details and gloss on the sides. Perfect!
I feel you, Jan. I feel you.
We had no intentions of buying our rings that day, we just wanted to look. But we got our sizes, paid almost half of it, and went on our merry way to lunch. We were supposed to go back to the casa, but Jan felt uneasy about his ring size so we decided to go back and lo! We got our sizes wrong pala. Haha. I guess, we were too excited and overwhelmed that the first fit felt just right. Or maybe, we just do not know how a ring should fit because we never really had one to begin with (what about the engagement ring, you ask? he got me a house instead of a ring and that's more than enough for me).

Anyway, I'm so glad we went back. God-forbid my finger to look a like a chorizo on our big day for getting a ring that's way too small. Ang pangit na nga ng kamay ko, papangit pang lalo dahil hindi kasya.

We may have gone over our budget with this one, but hey, even though we’re aiming for a frugal wedding, we wouldn’t want to skimp on the things that would last us a long time (this and the photographs for example).

Off topic: we finally got our plate number after the PMS and I love it because we call each other 'lab' hahaha. Ang babaw ko noh?


  1. I agree! This for me is the most exciting part in the wedding preparations because this is the only thing that's going to last you forever. My ring was a bit big during our wedding but I did not get it resized because naturally gained a lot of weight and now it fits me perfectly. LOL

  2. Nice. Enjoying your wedding posts.