Annyeong Lupa Adventures Plan is Underway

Jan and I are planning to apply for a South Korea visa this year, anticipating a 20% rejection rate.

Funny thing is, South Korea isn't really on top of our travel list. And I think that's because our souls have not been sucked into this Korean fandom abyss. Thank heavens! 

Kpop, Kdrama, nor Korean food isn't our cup of tea. But we will still fly there for the love of travel. And as much as we want to tick New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, or Europe off our list first, Korea is what our broke asses can afford for now.

Xenia Hotel, Clark Pampanga lobby. This is a Korean-themed hotel and this is the closest to Korean culture I can get.
We are not really sure what to do there since most of my friends' travel photos suggest Kdrama filming spots, oppas, and make-up and skin care shopping—something I don't think we'd enjoy. But we already have a few activities in mind. Theme parks, hiking, biking, and a few others.

If plans go well (and by that, I meant if I get pregnant soon), our legit taekwondo lessons will be moved to two or three years from our target. If not, we might be spending autumn in Korea soon.


  1. Korea is my dream destination. I hope makakalabas din ako ng bansa. I'll work hard for it.

    1. Go for it! Nothing is impossible when you work hard for it. :)