Snaps from Tokyo: Three Worlds In One Day

By Sarah Aterrado - July 28, 2019

Tokyo is currently my favorite city (next to Davao, of course). I'm not really huge on highly-urbanized cities. Skyscrapers and cityscapes don't fascinate me. But Tokyo offers more than the high tech toilets, electronics, Anime, and manga. It's where you get the best of modern and historical worlds at the same time.

Tokyo spring weather can definitely make you fresh all the time!

But before anything else, let me share with you my OOTD. It is important that you do your research about the weather before traveling to make sure that your activities, itinerary, and especially your outfits match the forecast.

Here's a glimpse of my outfit for that day. An ukay-ukay coat for only P40 helped me enjoy a rather chilly day. Yes, 7°C is perfect for a stroll if you have the right clothes on.

Top: HeatTech base (thermal), thick long sleeves, winter coat (because I'm lamigin like that). Bottom: Leg warmers, pants, Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. I thought Onitsuka is popular here in Japan, turns out the cool kid shoes here are NBs. Haha

The Modern

We visited Akihabara Electric City and spent the entire morning getting lost in a huge jungle of electronics, video games, anime, and everything Japan. It was such a sensory overload.

We hopped from one shop to another getting our hearts broken all the time, wishing we have more money to buy stuff we find amazing, funny, and cute. Don Quijote is easily our favorite store in Japan. I think we went to every Donki in every city we visited and spent at least 2 hours inside.

Not in Donki. We do not have a single photo in there.
Patingin-tingin. Di naman makabili.

The Historical

In Tokyo, you can experience flashy signs and modern buildings to stunning architecture and historical temples real quick.

Sensoji Temple
This is what I love about Japan. Despite all the modern technologies and their unstoppable progress, Japan was still able to preserve their unique culture and rich history.

We get enthralled every time we visit a castle, a temple, or a shrine, which eventually led me to read a lot about Japan's fascinating history.

Finally, a takoyaki that has a tako!
Did I mention, food is also good in Japan? Strawberry mochi! Suuuuper sarap!

The Fantasy

Jan, being a huge One Piece fan, certainly did not want to miss Tokyo One Piece Tower. This one deserves to be written in a separate post, but for now, here's a photo of me and my anime crush. I only have two anime crushes in my life. Koenma (Jericho) of Ghost Fighter (because I had this thing for guys who have this curtain hair style ala-Nick Carter/Devon Sawa) and this:
Trafalgar Law ♥_♥. I think I have this thing for men with goatees.
Tokyo has a lot to offer, but I won't be cramming everything in one post. So please stay tuned to my next posts. :)

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