Saturday, November 2, 2019

Life Lately Vol. 6

With the series of strong earthquakes happening in our city, I thought I'd never go braless inside our home again. I hate bras not only because they are uncomfortable but I also had to deal with the trouble of trying to tug my boobies back into their proper positions as if they are always on an escape mission every time I have a bra on. But with what's happening the past few days, I had to imprison these lady bumps lest I risk running out of the house in my loose, ragged shirt with the nips underneath begging for attention again.

Okay, I think I said too much but let this be clear that I'm not here to talk about bras and boobies.

So before I share more things that might strip off any respect you have for me, I just want you to know that after more than twenty days of blogging hiatus (that feels like three months to me), I am still alive and relatively healthier. I know 0.01% of you will say, "Awesome! That's good to hear!"

(That 0.01% is my husband by the way.)

30% of you will say, "Ummm. Okay. So what?"

10% will be like, “What? No boobs?!”

50% will be like, "Oh please, the internet doesn't care about your life dramas."

The rest of the 20% will be like, "How did I end up here? I was searching for penguin back flips."

And 7% will be like, "You're already at 110.01%. I say you flunked 5th grade Math because that's not how percentages work."


After those strong earthquakes, a collapsed condo, and at least twenty five aftershocks a day (only five of that were true, while the rest were just phantom quakes because we can no longer differentiate heart palpitations from a real quake), we decided to go to our house to inspect for damages and cracks.

Thankfully everything is fine. Progress is also good. Construction is estimated to be completed by December but I don't think we'll be moving in soon. I'm still excited about it though. This is our first property. We really worked hard for this and we are so proud about it.

Anyway, so much for the ground breaking news. My Facebook feed is heartbreaking so I diverted my attention to other things like running. I wasn't in my best condition but am getting the hang of it and definitely doing better with each run. I don't think I'll ever like running though. The only thing that's beautiful about this activity is meeting different chonky doggos along the way.

But I'll keep on running because I am slowly getting back in shape and it has significantly turned my bad sleeping habits around—which is good because I've been battling with insomnia for as long as I can remember. (Thank you for this, SunLife!)

Other than that, some shit happened but we're fine. We switched ISP and our lives have never been better. Our Korea trip is not happening this year (our application is already with the Embassy and we're hoping we get approved with a multiple entry so we can visit in autumn next year as how it was originally planned). And lastly, Jan got himself a Nintendo Switch (I'm waiting for him to get Mario Party so that I might actually like the thing).

That's it. Life lately hasn't really been that interesting. Everything is awesome nonetheless.

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