Snaps from Nami Island

They say you have never been to South Korea if you have not visited Nami Island. But I have got to be honest here, Nami Island was a letdown. That's probably because we were there in the wrong season. I know Nami island in Spring is colorful and beautiful. It is undeniably breathtaking in autumn. And despite the freezing cold, no one can resist its charm in winter—if the island is covered in white.

We went there in winter (early February) and it was nothing like the dreamy winter wonderland. It was too crowded, the paths were mostly slushy and muddy, and most of the attractions were off limits or closed for maintenance.

We do not have a lot of photos but here are some of the ones we took that oh boy consumed most of our time because, well, tourists.
Gingko Tree Lane. This is my favorite part in all of the island.
2020 is my year. Yes, claiming it!
Bonfire. Perfect for a 0 degree weather.
Random places tourists don't really care about.
Posing here because it's my first time to see a birch tree.
For the gram.
Random art. There's a lot, actually. Quirky statues, wooden sculptures, visual art, mosaics, and more. Just didn't take a photo of it.
Redwood trees at the Metasequoia Road. Winter Sonata filming spot. I'll never get a good shot here, there will always be someone in the background or someone who'll casually walk in front of the camera. We don't want to waste more time, so this will do.
I don't know what's so special about this lane but people were taking photos here. So, I did too.
While waiting for our ferry.

Nami Island is a republic state, culturally independent with its own passport, currency and national flag. Other than that, I do not have anything interesting to share about our experience there. But if you ask me if I will still be going back, yes, I will! But only when the island is covered in gold.

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