Mt. Apo: There and Back Again

 If there is one positive influence I have on Jan, it has got to be this.

L-R: Border peak, crater, Kidapawan peak

This is his second time to summit the Philippines' highest mountain. His first climb without me (yep, partially bummed because I couldn't go) and probably his worst hiking experience by far—with plans almost scrapped, major major delays, torrential downpour, and becoming a guide for the first time in an unfamiliar trail real quick because he's the only experienced mountaineer in the group. 
Plus, him, keeping it all together gracefully despite everything (although I can feel the exasperation in the stories he told me), I COULDN'T BE ANY PROUDER! 👏👏👏

I am so glad he came home safe. Now I know how my parents felt every time I went away for a few days to hike. Dili man diay lalim mabalaka. 😅

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