Hello, Romblon!

By Sarah Aterrado - August 16, 2022

You know what I miss right now? It's waking up early in the morning, then enjoying some freshly-baked pandesal dipped in hot coffee while having a little chit-chat with the family... at the beach.

For almost a week, that's how our mornings were spent during our vacation a few months ago.

I am glad to meet Jan's relatives. Everyone is so kind and welcoming that we got along so easily.

Last May, Jan's maternal relatives had a family reunion. So Jan and I, together with the three kids and my sister, my mother-in-law, my brother and sister-in-law and their respective families went to Romblon.

To get there, we flew to Manila (1.5 hours), took a van to Batangas (3 hours), and boarded a passenger ship to Tablas Island (10 hours). With a toddler and a 2-month old baby in tow, I would say that the journey was really stressful. As much as we want to travel more since restrictions are being lifted and more places are starting to reopen, we swore never to travel again by plane, ship, or anything that involves a lot of waiting until Isabel (our youngest) is at least two.

At Batangas port. That's me on the floor, feeding Isabel while waiting for our tickets.

When we got there, I was surprised that I actually understand and speak their language. Some parts of the island speak Hiligaynon, but a bit varied where their Ls are pronounced as Ys. I also love that Jan's tito's house—where we stayed— is just a few meters away from the shore. It intensified my dream of having a beachfront property.

Anyway, I don't think I can still put into detail everything that happened and I don't have any touristy things to share. I can only tell you we had a great time. 

This is how our afternoons went in the island.

Not the most ergonomic but definitely one of the best work from home setup.
Daddy's little girl.  💙

At Bonbon Beach.

Chill lang while waiting for the next meal time. Haha.

Our little island boy.

Little kuya and bunso.

At Sonoma.

We actually went to a few tourist spots, but we weren't able to take pictures. I swear, mahirap kung may baby.  But that's okay. We will be back anyway. 

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