Beke Nge Nemen

By Sarah Aterrado - August 12, 2023

The past few days had been quite a challenge because I was left alone to deal with two wild toddlers and a teen with raging puberty hormones. And as I watched them destroy the house while I slowly sipped my coffee, feet up, I had been thinking about how I will be rewarded for being great at maintaining a healthy marriage by allowing the husband to go on a three-day trip because I believed he needed to have some fun too.

I mean, Solen Heussaff gave Nico Bolzico no more than 24 hours to fly to Davao to hike Mt. Apo and back, while Jan was granted 3 freakin' days. How lucky can he get? I suppose he must have thought of rewarding me with something I truly deserve like an ultimate steak night date or a Vespa. The latter is mostly preferred, thank you.

But lo and behold! This is all I get for being the supportive wife who withheld the whining and aggression when Jan went to see Mr. Big live in Manila:

I know I do need a break, but seriously?!

But instead of transforming into a wifezilla for the husband's lack of romantic flair and for failing to read what's obviously on my mind, I came up with brilliant ways to reward myself (will be paid by him, of course).

And so it has been decided that if I can't have a Vespa, I will have a...

*drum roll*

Pamper sesh (mani, pedi, Brazilian wax, whole body massage, and possibly a new hair color or a perm).

AND any of the following:

1. Dr. Marten's shoes. I've been eyeing one of those 1461 platforms. Not a big fan of platforms but I try to be bold like that.

2. Canon Powershot V10. A blogger friend showed me this today and I instantly fell in love with it. It's a hundred grams lighter and less bulky than my six-year-old Canon EOS M10! Perfect for a tamad blogger like me.

From Jexx.

3. New MacBook. I'm afraid I have become a huge fan of the forbidden fruit.

4. One Piece Manga Boxed Set. As much as I want all four sets, I can do one (for now). And I'll be more than happy to allow him to go wherever he wants as long as I get one set in return.

5. Signed copies of all the published books of the Stormlight Archive in hardcover.

Am I asking for too much?


Jan had a blast (and I am truly happy about that). I'm sure Mr. Big's beyond awesome performance made all the expenses incurred during this trip and my incoming demands definitely worth it.

Love the way he shared his experience with me. I can really tell how happy he is. And he has been watching and showing me his recorded videos over and over.

P.S. I guess I need to make a clear disclaimer here before anyone will malign me for being financially abusive, manipulative, and materialistic. 😅 To anyone who failed to see the exaggeration of this post (except for the part where Jan had a blast and Mr. Big's beyond awesome performance because those accounts are true and maybe even an understatement), please know that we are not wealthy and I do not get whatever I want with the least effort. But I'm also posting this because Law of Attraction works.

So... beke nemen, MacBook cutie, #Manifesting or *insert whatever term used that makes the shiznits come true*. 😁

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