DBS Murder Mystery Party: Who's Killing It?

By Sarah Aterrado - December 11, 2023

You are probably here because you wanted to hear about the tale of a murder mystery that unfolded on the night of December 2nd. 

While the scent of frustration and betrayal still linger around some of the sorry victims, allow me to recount the story of this seemingly innocent lady, who came as a mobster and got away with crime in the most puzzling but amusing murder mystery game ever made.

I'll keep the introduction short because I know you are dying to hear my story. So, here goes...

It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon. I was dressed to kill and ready to set out to attend the Davao Bloggers Society's (DBS) Murder Mystery Party that was co-presented by COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises and foodpanda

I've never been to a murder mystery party before. So despite the threat of rain that was looming in the air and losing the hat that would have completed my outfit, my spirits remained high. 

I arrived at Hotel San Marco a few minutes past five o'clock. And even if I was barely at the entrance, I could already sense the excitement that was overflowing around the place.

I rushed upstairs and found myself in the hotel lobby that exudes a vintage charm like it's straight out of a classic film. But as I stepped through the French double door adorned with elements that hinted the party's theme, I was instantly zapped into a different world.

The bright yellow surroundings immediately caught my eye. Yet, scattered everywhere were evidence, clues, and police line tape that, despite their lively and vibrant color, screamed mystery and intrigue. It is as if we were part of a crime scene. 

I walked toward one of the tables, and I was met with those undeniably excited smiles. I looked around and realized that the place was more than just a scene of the crime. The room was filled with glitz and glamour, where the only crime you would ever commit is not slay. 

And if what they say "looks could kill" is true, then nobody's going to make it alive because everyone has a deadly sense of style.

But there were those who stood out, destroyed everyone on the runway with confidence and flair—a lethal combination, I would say. And later on bagged the most coveted Best Dressed award.

Well, after attending all these DBS year-end parties for years, everyone putting in extra effort for an event is something that does not surprise me anymore. But still, it never fails to amaze me.

This was certainly no ordinary gathering.

L-R: Fashion Felon and Couture Conspirator (Best Dressed). In small thumbnails: the different mystery characters you will find at the party.
As with any event, the program started with a prayer and the singing of the national anthem.

Then when everyone had settled into their seats, there I was, innocently bopping around when the unmistakable beat of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal echoed through the air.

I found myself dancing my way in front of the center stage and caught everyone off-guard. 

A few seconds after soloing the spotlight, someone from the crowd broke into a dance, followed by another, and another until the center stage erupted into a synchronized dance routine that would make MJ rise from his grave to give a standing ovation. Haha!

The dance number was just one of the many surprises that evening. And I think it was also a great way to loosen up, because little did we know that things were going to be intense.

The murder mystery game that followed created an atmosphere of uncertainty. Each one of us was given a character with a backstory, motive, and potential involvement in the crime to portray. We just have to channel our inner Sherlock Holmes, piece together the clues, and identify the murderer. 

It was fun. But while infectious laughter filled the room, tension was absolutely felt everywhere. You could say it was a bloodbath. We were all so into it that I was so ready to end friendships that night just to win a Php 2000 worth of foodpanda voucher.

The ones who bagged the best actor/actress award.
Of course, I am kidding. 

But what I'm trying to say is, all of us were on board. Nobody shied away. Everyone played their roles really well. Some even delighted us with over-the-top theatrics.

Acting is not one of my strong suits. But I tried my very best to maintain an innocent facade until the very end—avoiding unnecessary attention by sticking with the majority, switching alliances when necessary, and still keeping it calm when fingers started pointing at me.

It definitely paid off. I still remember the look of betrayal on my groupmate's faces, and I witnessed how they all died inside when it was revealed that the killer they were looking for was me all along. 

And guess what? The two other killers from the other groups emerged victorious as well!

Ladies and gentlemen, your killas. 
The game was probably the most serious and, at the same time, the funniest part of the party. But the night wasn't just all about glam and games.

The Davao Blog Awards, co-presented by Cebu Pacific Air, also made a successful comeback. This is where the most outstanding members of the organization were recognized and awarded for their exceptional skills as content creators and their invaluable contributions as members of the DBS.

No doubt, all the recipients deserved it.

Promising Newbie of the Year: Kate Brato. Cebu Pacific Air  - Davao Blogger of the Year: Josef of Davao Geek Hub. Social Media Star of the Year: Athina of DiscovDavao.
And finally, we had an exchanging of gifts that added a sense of joy and excitement as we welcomed the festive season.

The fashion prowess of everyone, the thrill of solving mysteries, the celebrated awards, the anticipation of raffle draws, and the heartwarming Kris Kringle made the night memorable. And even though the theme appeared to be dark and restricted only to adults, it turned out to be an exceptionally fantastic night full of laughter, surprises, and fun!

It really was party to die for. 

And it would not have been possible if not for the generous contributions of Metrobankmaya, and HONOR.

And surely, the unwavering support of the sponsors and brand partners, Spotify, Coca-cola Beverages Philippines Inc., and SM SuperMalls took the experiences of everyone to a whole new level. The host was excellent. The decorations were on point. The photo booth that was sponsored by 24Chicken was awesome. The food from Hotel San Marco and the lechon from Alsons Development and Investment Corporation were delicious. We enjoyed the unlimited flow of refreshing and blended ice drinks from Quickly. Plus, there were so many raffle draws in between with exciting prizes from Strip, 8telcom, browhausRest Toe Run, R.O.X, Hydro Flask Philippines, GrindDC Shoes, Bratpack, Glow Authority, Southwing, Barrio Bistro, Sy Bee Tin, AMS Halo-halo and Sisigan, and MG's Dessert House.

Do you know what that means? Nobody came home empty-handed!

Just one of the things I have won that night.
Found my gang.
It has already been a week since the night I got away with murder, and I have not yet thanked the incredible people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organize such an unforgettable year-end party. 

So to the officers of the Davao Bloggers Society, thank you so much! Your dedication and passion to create an extraordinary experience for each and every member of the DBS have truly gone a long way. I am truly, truly grateful for all of you and all the things you do for the org.

I really had a blast.

I haven't totally moved on from the party yet, but I am also already looking forward to the next.

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