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By Sarah Aterrado - March 01, 2024

I love online shopping and traveling, that's why it is imperative that I return to work to continue funding my hobbies.

So I looked into the job market, and I was mildly horrified.

The last time I had a job interview was in 2016. That was eight freaking years ago.

Plus, in my line of work, most companies ask for a strong portfolio that showcases all the work you've done. I've only had one web development project since I resigned in 2020.

I applied anyway—and only to companies with generous compensation packages. You can say I'm cocky, but I'm not lowering my rates because I have a proven track record of making significant contributions in my previous roles and I have helped start-up companies grow. And also, the husband has been spoiling me so much that this financially independent woman has become a bilmoko princess. So before I spend another cent on my credit card (which he pays for) and transform into a totally palamunin housewife who can't even get things done, I've got to make my own money.

But I never thought navigating the job market again could be daunting that I have given a change of career some very serious thought. 

Here are the jobs I might consider if I think I'm no longer going anywhere with my career:

1. Full-time blogger/content creator

It's a job I can do immediately. I've had years of experience with this, so it's going to be a no-brainer. The only downside is that I might piss off a lot of people for all the nonsense that I will be posting.

But it's usually the nonsense that can make a content creator skyrocket to fame in an instant. If it can make our family trip to Japan happen, then I really wouldn't mind.

2. Ordinary manglilimos

They earn a tad more than my asking rate. Flexible time na nga, tax-free pa. Might as well ditch my career that leads to mental exhaustion and a dying social life noh?

So, see you on the streets then?

3. Leo DiCaprio's wife

For real. The man is almost 50, and that position has been vacant ever since. Try as they may, but no famous personality below 25 years old has been able to fill that in. I have a gut feeling that I, a 38-year-old hot and smart momma, am the woman for the job. 

I come complete with a ready-made family where he doesn't have to experience sleepless nights and diaper blowouts during the newborn stage. And even though there is no way I would be slaving in the kitchen for him, I sure look cute in an apron. 😁 

So, what do you think? I think I will be pursuing Job#3 because that is what I am most qualified for, and I know Jan wouldn't mind.

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