From the Drafts: Of Course, You Can Brag About Your Better Half

By Sarah Aterrado - May 27, 2024

I wasn't able to blog about our 5th wedding anniversary that also happened to be our 10th year together, which I do every year, because I was too busy writing another piece. I thought I could go back to blogging once I finish my long ass essay. 

But 19 pages later, I try to avoid anything that exerts mental effort.

So again, to let everyone know that I am still alive (even though nobody gives an eff), here's another one from the drafts. I wrote this around 2021 and still rings true to this day.

When people bitch about their deadbeat spouses on social media, everyone will sympathize. But when people share their undying love over the internet, it makes them papansin. Sharing your relationship on social media only seeks validation, yadda yadda. Because you know what they say: true and happy relationships need not be posted. 

Well, screw that.

I think it's about time that we should not hold back about speaking highly of our spouses. 

There is already too much negativity in this world. If it bothers you that someone is gushing about their better half over the internet, then the problem is you. So while you wallow in bitterness, I will go on bragging about my wonderful husband because I do not see the need to censor my expression of happiness and appreciation, especially when I am proud being married to him. 😉

I do the bragging mostly online. On the other hand, Jan isn't digitally expressive but instead does it in front of people. There have been countless of times whenever I meet his friends or officemates for that first time that I get surprised how much they already knew about me. My job, skills, talents, and even this blog. "Ah ikaw pala si Sarah. Lagi kang kinukwento ni Jan sa amin." Or sometimes Jan would go like this in front of me and the people we've just met, "She blogs. Magaling yan magsulat. Madami na yan siyang awards natanggap." Sometimes gusto ko na lang magpalamon sa lupa kasi nakakahiya, but it does feel good when someone speaks highly of you. 😉

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