Sunday, July 20, 2014

There's always the brightside

This day didn't go very well. Seems like everybody and everything that surround me is testing my patience. I lost my cool; one more tic and I'd reach my boiling point. This day simply sucks. I want it to end so soon that I'm already looking forward to working on Monday.

But one message changed everything. Just one simple message from the boyfriend and it brightened my rather gloomy day. It wasn't even cheesy. It's just a simple and casual message. And just by that, I know he's thinking of me.

They said it's always nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they're not around. I wouldn't disagree on that because it is absolutely true.

Monday, July 14, 2014

An Open Letter to My Soulmate

My lab,

I love the way you look at me, the way you make me laugh, the way you tell me to eat the last grain of rice on my plate, and for letting me eat food I've never tasted before. I love the way you randomly kiss me, the way you squeeze my love handles or massage my back. I love it when it rains because you would hold me very close to you while we share the same umbrella. I love it when you try to fight sleepiness despite being tired from the whole day's work just because you still want to spend more time with me. And yes, I can name more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Skycycle Experience

I wanted to go biking... with a twist: one that's placed on a cable that's suspended on air over 60 ft. Just that. Nothing exciting. NOT! It's something new and I was craving for something to pump up the adrenaline. It's been a long time since I felt the rush. I badly wanted to try it. So what Sarah wants, Sarah gets. Haha. Kidding.
Skycycle Davao

Monday, June 2, 2014

Better Together

Sunset Beach. December 30, 2013.
Do you remember that day? I took this during our first date at the beach. This has always been my dream date. And you should know how happy I am to wake up one day knowing that it was a dream no more. And the best part? I got to spend that day with you. It was perfect. Just how I imagined it. But you know what? I realized that dream dates are nothing. Perfect dates are nothing. Really.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caret Underscore Underscore Underscore Caret

I could not find the right words to express how I am feeling right now. Seems everything I will say is an understatement. I am happy. I really really really am.

Hey you, that handsome man with a goatee... you're my man now. And I hope you are sure of what you're getting into because I won't be giving up on you easily. Hahaha. I love you.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Run Forrest, Run!

I aimlessly went to my old room upstairs for unknown reasons. Perhaps I just want to check how it looks now or maybe I was just looking for something to do. While randomly opening cabinets and rummaging old boxes, I was so surprised to find a thing that I've been looking for a long time. This:

An original VCD of one of my most favorite movies of all time, Forrest Gump. Take note, this is the only original VCD I have ever bought my entire life. And just so you know, it took me ages to save up for this. Php 399 is no joke for a college freshmen with no more than a hundred peso allowance daily, minus the fare that already took one-fifth of it, lunch money, and endless handouts to be photocopied. What's left is for my daily dose of street food and an hour of internet usage, to which I sacrificed all. It is worth it.
© Life is so full of tae!
Maira Gall