The Perks of Working at Home

By Sarah Aterrado - January 19, 2013

I design websites for a living, cook breakfast, wash the dishes, then feed, bathe and play with my son at the same time. Sounds like too much of a juggle? I don't think so.

I survived the first crucial year of mommyhood, tending to my son's needs, always there to see my baby's sloppy first, watching him grow every minute, never missing a milestone - while at the same time earning money for our basic needs. See? That reason alone is the greatest perk of working at home.

To name a few are some reasons why I love working at home:

1. I can wear whatever I want. Straight out of bed pyjamas, why not?
2. I can eat whenever I want.
3. I can watch TV while working.
4. I can sleep right after work.
5. I can work whenever I feel like it. I hold my own time.
6. I can work anywhere I want. The bed, the living room, or by the sea.
7. I can do things unemployed people do like going to the mall any time I wanted to.
8. I don't have to worry catching up with the office or bank hours.
9. I don't have to commute.
10. I don't have to experience exhaustion from riding in a traffic jam. This.
11. No more fares, just Big Mac deliveries.
12. I don't have to pay taxes.

The drawbacks?
Well there are a few. If you're not used to isolation, you won't survive. Shower can also be an issue. I admit it, sometimes I miss taking a shower for the day. LOL.

My workstation and pizza + fries on the side :)

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  1. I always want to work at home so I can be with my daughter 24/7. I've been looking for an online job but I still can't find one.You're blessed to have a home based job..^^

  2. same here, originally from Philippines, now lives in the UK for eight long years, haven't any experience working outside from home ever since the day of my arrival in the UK.

    I was an full-time mom to start with, get bored and decided to make the most of my time as a mom, so I explore my hands into business that I can fairly work from home. Yes, I became an Ebay Entreprenuer for years, but decided to quit as its no longer serve me.

    I found out that my life purpose is to work whilst having fun, and yes blogging seems like the one my soul is craving out for.

    I am here on my 6 months of blogging and I am enjoying every piece of information I've shared to the world.

    visit me at

    Thank You.