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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In my mail: Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Collection

Look what came in the mail today!

Barnes & Noble

You know how much I wanted these from my previous post. Gawd, I've waited for more than 2months for these books. Yes 2 months. Scared the hell out of me. I am used to buying stuff overseas and there was never any issue regarding delivery delays or items not received. But this one really gave me worries.

I didn't throw a hundred bucks for this just to be taken away by careless freight forwarders. Just so you know, a local bookstore actually sells books like these but since they're too pricey (almost 50% more than the original price), I decided to order from the actual Barnes and Noble site. Saves more even with the freight fee included. But of course, the loooong wait and anxiety is the price to pay.

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Boxed Set
The boxed set
Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Boxed Set
The Classics are ♥. Need I say more?
Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Boxed Set
Gilded pages. Love it! Looks like I just opened a treasure chest !

Gasp. It's worth the wait. I am so stunned. B-E-A-utiful is an understatement.

I know EP leatherbounds are waaaay better, of course, paired with a price that I cannot ever afford. But who needs a sixty-dollar worth of leatherbound book when I got these? I couldn't be more satisfied. These B&N books have elegant covers with intricate details and beautiful design, gilded pages, readable fonts  printed in a smooth paper, plus the smell... ahhh the smell... I'm so in love.

Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection
The pictures don't even do justice.
Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection
I know someday this will come handy for my son's Literature class
I'm not an expert on scrutinizing book make or quality, but I believe this is a bang for your buck. They are actually cheaper than I thought. I mean, $18 for a book to be this absolutely gorgeous? I got myself a great deal. These books are a keeper.
Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Grimms Fairy Tales
love the illustrated flyleaf
Barnes & Noble Classics Leatherbound Edition
Who doesn't love books with maps?
Barnes & Noble Classics Leatherbound Edition
Inside Sherlock Holmes. The fonts? Readable. The pages? Smooth and nice.
 Love that satin ribbon bookmark
Barnes & Noble Classics Leatherbound Edition
yes! some books have illustration on them!
The only let down is the ease of reading for the bigger ones. Yes, they're not just eye-candies for shelves; I plan to actually read them (although I've already read most). To bind more than 5 novels into one book, imagine how thick, big, and heavy would that be? But that's okay, I have read the Deathly Hallows (in Hardcover) without complaints. Although these leatherbounds are heavier. I don't like reading while lying down anyway. So a heavy book on the lap wouldn't be much of a problem.

I hope they make more leatherbound editions. Imagine having Tolkien's Lord of the Rings in leatherbound. Uh-huh, EPIC.

Anyway, could somebody spare me a hundred bucks? I dream of having the entire collection one day, but I'm good with just a few. Four more will do. Would that be too much to ask?

Barnes & Noble Classics Leatherbound Edition Shelf
Perfect! But it breaks my heart that the more I look at it, the more I long for the other collection. LOL
I am a HAPPY worm!


  1. Wow...what a collection. That is my definition of heaven, hihi.

    New follower :)

  2. These books are gonna be classic years from now. Hard bounds ones would really last longer.

  3. Oh wow! That's a lot of books from a box, and those are good ones! Reminds me of my younger years where no iPads and Kindles yet, but pages of paper-smell books! ;)

  4. Hi Ate Sarah, I have a question regarding your B&N purchase. Were the books directly delivered to you? Were you taxed? Thanks in advance. :)

    1. It wasnt a door-to-door delivery. But I got a notice from the post office and claimed it there. I paid 40 pesos for the storage fee. :)

  5. Wonderful. The joy of literature and the tactile pleasure of a book can't be explained. I love your enthusiasm and joy. The B and N range are really lovely. Scan eBay for the Folio Society editions of classics. They are lovely too and you can pick them up for a lot less online. Your child is growing up in a house full of books. That's beautiful.