Sunday, September 1, 2013


September marks the month of transition. Well, to most Pinoys, the start of BER months mean a transition from the ordinary days to the festivities of Christmas. As early as the first day of September some friends are already posting Christmasy statuses on Facebook. So if you're getting a Christmas greeting in social media as early as the first of September, we have not lost our minds. It's just a culture thing.

Well, yeah, I feel the transition. But this September begins a bigger transition in my life. Starting tomorrow, I will be a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) no more. Yep, you heard that right. I will no longer be waking up at the heat of the sun on my face, turn on the laptop and work on my jammies. Starting tomorrow I will have a new routine which includes dressing smartly, beating the rush hour, getting stuck in the traffic, going up the elevator, and checking in.

Not only that, I will also be transitioning from being a Web Designer to a Design Engineer a.k.a. someone who designs software or apps for ios and android. Well, the tasks are not actually far from my previous work as it uses the same software and media, and it's still digital designing. It's just that I have no experience for this and unlike web design I still do not know the essentials of designing apps, you know, functionality and performance-wise without compromising aesthetics and stuff like that.

My training will start tomorrow. I'm not afraid on jump-starting into a new challenge. What I'm more afraid of is the change. The fact that I will no longer be working from home. Meaning, I will no longer be the one to feed my son, get him to take his vitamins, prepare him for school, review and help him with his assignments and so on.
Note to self.

Well, I shall bless the day I get through this. So September, please be good to me.

And Merry Christmas by the way. :)


  1. I look up to web designers. Mostly because they've chosen a very exciting path. As for me, I've realized that I want to pursue a web designing (or at least a blogging) career when I'm already in my 3rd year in college. Bummer. Good luck Ms. Sarah!

  2. Oh, I'm no WAHM but I work at home and I could not imagine going back full time in a remote office. hehe Good luck to you. I'm Pearl by the way, nice to meet you. :)

  3. Good luck to the new development in your life. That is how it is with life, we simply go with the change and learn, learn, and learn.


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