Sunday, September 15, 2013

Changing Lanes

Everyone who knew me and those who read my blog know that I've been working at home ever since I got my first job. July this year, I was quite devastated when I heard the news that the company I work with (and came to love) has to put me from full-time to contractual work since sales and AU dollar rate have been declining. Meaning, I only have work to do and get paid when the need arises.

It's actually the biggest heartbreak of my career because: One, my bosses are really nice. You will seldom see nice (and forgiving) foreign bosses like them. Two, I had a great team. A project manager and developers that I can collaboratively work flawlessly with, beat that. Three, it's the highest paying company I've ever been to that my salary as a designer can equal to that of a developer (or even higher compared to other companies).

I admit it, I know it's shallow, but the last one bit me the hardest.

I guess blessings in disguise can come in many forms and one is losing your job. I ended my full-time contract with my previous company in mid-August, and I got hired and started working on the first Monday of September in the BEST freakin' office ever. E-vuur. Well, it's God's way of saying, when He takes something away, He will indeed replace it with something much better. And I never expected it would be this soon.

Here's to why I think it's the best:

1. I have the best view. Overlooking the serene view of Davao, the gulf, and Samal island is just half a glance away from my desk.
What a beautiful distraction. ♥_♥
my desk is third from the bottom right. this area is where the Designers stay
2. Look, no shoes! And the floor is carpeted. It feels just like home.
We leave our shoes at the shoe lockers, and we wear just black socks and black indoor slippers. I prefer to have socks alone.
3. Free food. Free snacks during breaks. Free lunch are given as rewards sometimes. Free dinner during overtime. I can see myself months from now with chubby cheeks and gaining weight. Yay! Look, the tummies will tell you so. ;)

4. Very relaxing office ambiance.
5. The geek squad. I would say the people who work here are really geeks. They know their craft well, they are passionate, serious and can keep their nose to the grindstone for hours but then during breaks they transform to the funniest and wackiest monsters I've ever seen. lol.
Just a few of the code monsters ;)
some Software developers at work
6. Everyone is treated equally. From the Maintenance to the Seniors to the Heads. :)

7. Everyday is different. Everyday is a new learning day.

8. Coke Float is just across the street. Yep, I will definitely gain weight.

9. Friday night is an awards night. Best dressed? No tardy? Most hardworking? Whatever it is you've done for the week, you get recognized and get rewarded. And it is hell lot of fun. (picture to follow hihi)

And last but definitely not the least,

10. This office got the most awesome bosses. And to say that is an understatement. I've never seen a boss who loves and cares about his (and her) employees so much. Win.

I won't oppose if you say I'm in no position to say that this is the "best company ever" since I've only been to a real office once. But hey, the reasons I mentioned above are enough for me to say that I love it here that I even had the guts to turn down two home-based job offers with higher pay because I chose to work here.

Well, I never thought working outside can have a lot of perks too. Or maybe I'm just so blessed that God has put me here. The only drawback is the exhaustion of traveling. But I wouldn't mind. That's not enough to demotivate me to wake up early and look forward to the day's work.

For those who are asking what made me turn my back from being a WAHM... Well, I need to grow too. Compared to working from home, working outside can help me learn a lot of things. The two short weeks have already taught me A LOT. Although leaving my old work-at-home life also entails sacrifices. Sacrifices like being away from my son for hours. Although I'm consoled that he's at school for a half day and I think being separated sometimes can be healthy too. Anyway, what I'm doing is not only for the growth of my career but also for the future of my son.

So now, I've changed lanes. And I don't think I'll be making a u-turn for a long time. Whatever path I've taken, I know the Lord will always guide me. :)
Pardon me if I have to take a pa-cute selfie inside the cr (haha overkill) on my first day. I can't take a selfie infront of everyone and it's my first time to wear something "decent" for months; well, you know i've been used to working with pajamas and big t-shirts. And oh, I think this is my first selfie for the year ever. So please spare me. hahaha


  1. Looks like, everything turned out well and your company is an ideal one. Just explains, everything does happen for a reason.

  2. Congrats for the new job! Sometimes we really have to let go of some things to free our hands---so we can grab better opps. You sure have a lot of reasons to love your new job. My favorite one foods! *nyay* :)

  3. Wow sarap naman magwork jan sa new job mo. Especially free ang foods. Ako din every time I lose job or I resigned napupunta sa mas magandang trabaho. :)

  4. The last photo in this post makes me ask myself "When was the last time I took a mirror shot in the cr?" LOL Well, it seems that you're in a place where you should be staying.

  5. There's always a reason/s behind everything that happened in our life, it is our fate. Though we don't know what lies ahead of us yet all we can do is to trust and believe. You must watch your weight this time around with the free flowing foods at the office. lol

  6. Looks like things turned out fine even if your situation was changed. It looks like you have an even better office now haha

  7. Wow, I wish I could work in an office like this so I could bully the geek squad haha jk

  8. If that's the kind of view from my office I can see everyday I guess it could already ease the stress I encounter in my everyday work. But most offices here in Manila are already crowded with high rise office buildings which is suffocating.

  9. Life can sometimes surprise us with better things after a heartbreaking loss. Well, I guess you really are getting into the right career lane! :)


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