Monday, August 25, 2014

Life is A Beach

For a beach bum like me, what's not to love living in Davao when after a stressful week at work and you feel like chilling by the beach on weekend, you just cross the sea and in a few minutes, bam! You're there.

I'm a sucker for beaches and everything else that comes with it. I remember the time when I was still a kid, I am always the first one to dip and last to get out of the water. No wonder I have this really toasted skin. I love the beach so much that almost everything I dreamed of has something to do with the beach. 

Now you should know how hard it is for me that everyday I see the beautiful view of the sea and I can hear the waves rolling but I have to suffer, fighting the urge not to daydream about it so I can focus on my work instead. (sigh)

Well at least, last Saturday, my friends and I got the chance to have an escape at Isla Reta. This one's quite far though. It's an hour boat trip from Davao but the long ride does not matter for the place is really really beautiful.

I can say I've grown old for I'm no longer the same kid who's too excited to jump into the water and never get out of it. The water still excites me though. But going to the beach isn't just all about fun now. Just by the sight of the clear blue waters, or the smell of the sea, or the sound of the waves as it kisses the shore, gives a feeling of tranquility all over me - and this is something that we all need. Peace. To be finally away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

The sea looks like a thousand sparkling diamonds and just by looking at it puts me a step closer to heaven. I get lost to it as I breathe deeply in contentment and say "Ahh.. This. Is. Life."

I love the beach so much and if there's only one thing left to do, or if I only have a few days left to stay this world, I would definitely spend it well at the beach. 

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