Random Thoughts on Dancing

I don't have a task right now and I've been spending my precious working hours trying to figure out what else can I do aside from researching-just-for-research-sake-because-i-have-nothing-else-to-do-kind-of-task. I am bored. Hence, time is running painfully slow. But who am I to complain? I get paid for this anyway.

I plugged my earphones in hopes that it can slowly kill boredom. Turned on Spotify's radio, chose a random station and to my surprise, it played Jamelia's Superstar. I was discreetly dancing in place. Head bobbing, feet moving, hands in motion but not too obvious for the boss to notice. I was trying to remember the steps when we danced this way back 2004.

I miss dancing. I haven't danced since time immemorial. The last time I danced on stage was during my college days. And yes, I do miss the limelight, the audience, the high-pitched screams, and the glory.
That's me (blue) during one of the Panther's intermission numbers
It was a year or two ago when I actually bought an xbox 360 with kinect and Dance Central 3 to make up for the absence of dancing in my life. It did a pretty good job acting as a filler for something that I really love to do. But it's still different from the kind of dancing that I am used to, the one where I give out all my heart not minding the number of people sitting on the bleachers as they lock their eyes on you.
Panthers Pep Squad. Goofin around during our waterbreak. Circa 2006.
I miss dancing so much. I miss those late night practices, the body pains, the rigorous warm-ups and bone-breaking stretches, the crazy people I danced with, and of course, that triumphant feeling of gracefully pulling off a complicated step then you hear the deafening roar of awe and applause from the audience.

I love dancing. And I wish that one day I'd be able to move my body to the rhythm of the music again. Because I want to dance for myself, for the people, and last but not the least, for the best audience of my lifetime, the Big Guy up there.

PNSA 2004

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