Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know
by Sarah Andres

Take my hand and hold it tight,
I'll take you to the clouds tonight.
Don't fret, don't rush, just take it slow,
I know a place where we can go.

Where stars abound that light the sky,
we'll fly like birds and soar up high.
I'll hold you close, be at your side,
we'll take this roller coaster ride.

We'll run away where fields are green,
somewhere we have never been.
Explore the world, go high and low,
we're heading somewhere only we know.

To be with you is like paradise,
wrapped in your arms 'til the sun will rise.
We bask under the moonlight's glow,
we are somewhere only we know.

My second take on poetry. Hardly even poetry. Haha. Mura kog bata. Pero lingaw man diay ni. :)


  1. Kuyawa nimo sar uy! Pwede na ka magcompose ug kanta! Clap clap clap ^^

  2. Hahaha. Lagi daghan nagingon mura ug kanta. My feeble attempt to poetry. Hahaha. Not bad for the second time. I guess. Bwahahaha


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