Confessions Vol. 3: Odd Quirks

Everyone of us has this awkward or maybe undesirable habit, but since we're already living in a society where the not-so-normal is more than welcome, let's just say such habit can add up to the personality which makes one even more interesting. We always have a thing or two in us that sets us apart from the norm. What's normal for us could be something others often dismiss as odd, weird, awkward or sometimes annoying. Everyone has quirks. Every. Freakin. One. And I believe no one is an exception to this rule.

Today I was told I am weird for dipping my instant pancit canton in a Pinakurat vinegar before eating it. Well, that's just one of the many things that make me weird, or I should say, unique. So today, I'd like to share with you a bunch of things that are perfectly normal for me which you may find pretty different, not normal, weird, or whatever you call it. And maybe uninteresting. And some items could strip off any respect you have for me. Haha. But for the sake of fun and telling the truth, I'll share it anyway. Here goes...

1. I put calamansi at almost every viand I eat. Anything sour is my favorite flavor.

2. I drag my feet when walking. Or maybe this is not a quirk at all, just a mild case of laziness.

3. I watch Harry Potter over and over again. Even when I'm just surfing the web, or writing this blog at this moment, Harry Potter is playing on the background.

4. While everybody hates girls who do duckfaces. Would you hate a girl who does a goldfish face? Come on! It's cute. And not everybody can do it. Haha.
Can you blow your cheeks and open your mouth at the same time? I bet you can't. ;)

5. I am clumsy. I always knock over plates, glasses, or anything on top of the dinner table.

6. I have this liking for disgusting things. I like cleaning ears and nails, squeezing whiteheads, and what not. The more dirt I get is the more I like it.

7. I smell the book first before I read it. Every time.

8. I carry a notebook everywhere.
Given by my friend, Glenda. Because she knows how much I love pandas and memo pads and notebooks and anything cute. ;)
9. I hate iron-creased pants. Especially on denims.

10. I always spit when I'm taking a shower. I spit like more than ten times. Or maybe I'm just exaggerating. But I spit a lot.

11. I don't spit in public though.

12. I read the shampoo label when I am pooping (at home, of course!)

13. I used to have no dots on my small letter Is. (Used to. But I guess, it's odd enough to deserve a spot here).

14. I unconsciously touch my boobs in public. No, it's not what you think. You know the way when you check something if it's still there. That kind of touch. I don't actually realize the deed until it's done.

15. I bite my lip when I'm getting serious at something that I'm doing. Beating someone else's top score at Flappy Bird for example.

16. I love the smell of the gasoline, or a freshly photocopied paper, or a clear nail polish.

17. I don't like cheese, except on pizza. Specifically, Hawaiian pizza.

18. I eat the pineapple's core.

19. And the watermelon's seeds. 'Cause I'm just too lazy to take one by one out.

20. Whenever I eat hotdog, the skin gets eaten last.

21. There are times I smile for no reason. And people will begin to ask me, what are you up to? Nothing. What's wrong then? Nothing. So what are you thinking? I said, nothing. And people don't believe me. Unless they would think I'm on crack. The hell, I'm not.

22. I give out this sinister smile whenever I fart (silently).

23. I laugh at the face of danger but I curl into a tight ball at the sight of a frog. Aside from its ugliness, my fear of frogs probably resulted from my childhood experience when we were killing frogs for fun. :( Now they're getting back at me, and I guess it's gonna haunt me forever.

24. I have this allergy that my nose gets itchy like hell it lasts from a few minutes to almost an hour. And I have no idea what causes it.

25. I don't know why it fascinates me so much to watch the progress bar move, especially when downloading something, regardless of its speed.

26. My drinks should always be at my left side.

27. I like my spaghetti if it's fresh from the fridge.

28. I put an X on the middle of an insect bite using my fingernail.

29. Whenever I eat a sandwich, the crust goes first saving the middle for the last bite.

30. I love spiders.

31. You may see me spacing-out suddenly in the middle of a conversation. Don't be mad. Trust me, I am still listening. Even though it doesn't look like it, but I actually am.

32. Or you may also see me picking my nose suddenly in the middle of a conversation. If you think it's gross and we talk often, get used to it.

33. I have this mild obsession for black and white and cute. Pandas and penguins for example.

34. When there's a funny or cool video on Youtube, I have to watch all the other related videos.

35. I have this penchant for historical stuff, especially the holocaust era. I can sit for periods of time reading books, watching films and documentaries, all the while hating Hitler and his mustache.

That's all I can think of for now. I had fun making this list. Actually, I love making lists! So that's another one. Haha. Didn't realize I have a lot of odd quirks. Maybe I have more - those known to others but unknown to me.

Having quirks, I think is something that makes a person awesome. It makes you, YOU. I know, one cannot be the only one. There are other people who may have the same oddities as you. And it actually feels good when you find someone who shares the same weirdness with you. That's how most friendships start. "Oh, you too?! I do the same thing!" Then you become best of pals. Just like that. And sometimes, quirks, however odd it is, can be somewhat charming. Or likable. Or just plain cute.

How about you? What odd quirks do you have? Go ahead and and have fun listing them down. I'm sure you'll have a good laugh afterwards. :)


  1. Ikaw na ikaw talaga yan sar! Lalo na yung mag-utot. Pagnagsmile na gani, klarex na!

    1. Hahaha buing! At least ako tahimik utot ko. Bwahahaha >:D

  2. Kamo ra ni chin-chin ang kabalo anang goldfish face.

    1. Kinsa ni? Ventot? or Julius? kamo ra man gud nakabalo na kami ra duha ni chin2 nakabalo mag-ana. hehe