I Fell in Love with Dancing... Again.

This post is a little late because it took me a while to gather up all the resources that I needed for this entry. Pictures, yes. See? That's how bad of a blogger I am. I am too lazy to take pictures of events that I should be blogging about. More so, post-process and beautify those pictures with filters and words to make it look more enticing. I wish I have the diligence to do so, especially that I am a graphics designer (sigh). Anyway, enough of the drama, I've got more interesting stories to share than mope about why I fail at such.

Last March 3 2015, I was invited to join a HipHop Fitness Soiree brought to you by My Skin Origins and The Greene Dare. Without second thoughts I scampered around my room and prepared my outfit for the event all the while thinking (and sometimes performing) a few hiphop moves. Surprisingly, I still know how to pop. It's not a big event but yes, I was so excited like I am going to a grand alumni homecoming, except I won't be reuniting with old friends.

Just so you know, it has been a long, long time since the last time I danced in public. Eight years, if my memory serves me right. That doesn't include those times I danced at the malls though, (happened only twice) when Kinect was a new fad at that time and I've got a fair few audience smiling, perhaps because of amusement or mockery as I flail my arms and wiggle my hips - which really didn't matter if I looked like a skinny waddling penguin because I enjoyed it very much. Eight freakin years is a pretty long time. I thought I have lost in touch with my skills and those moves that I am capable of doing. I am as rusty as my bike chain that needs to be lubed.

This HipHop Soiree last Thursday (Mar 5) isn't close to the kind of dancing that I am used to. I sit back, close my eyes and let my mind drift away. I see myself anxiously waiting at the backstage, hair done, make-up on, pacing. Everything goes dark, I move to my place, then a spotlight turns on. I see nothing but the blinding light yet I know hundreds of eyes are watching. I hold my head up in confidence. I breathe in. The music starts, my feet begin to move, and the world disappears.

But it didn't happen the way I am imagining it right now. No limelight, no audience, no screams, no glory. However, it's the closest thing to have my body that's starting to rust out move to the rhythm again. And I am so glad I was there.

Photo by Ms. Ria Jose 
I admit, I am no longer as snappy and frisky as I used to be. But there was music and my body was swaying to it. Music flowed through my veins, to my heart, then into my soul. It was so overwhelming, I was about to burst. Figuratively and literally - as evidenced by increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and flushed face. It was chaotic yet I sensed peace at the same time. And the feeling doesn't get any better than that.

This HipHop Soiree can just be any other fitness event that can happen anytime (just the same as those zumba parties that happen everywhere). But for me, in one way or another, it simply made an impact in my life. I thank all of the people behind this event for they have not only helped, motivated, and inspired others to be fit, but they made me fall in love with dancing... again. I thank them for reminding me that a skill or a talent, even when no longer nurtured, almost neglected, cannot be unlearned. That there will always hope to learn and be good at it again. All it takes is just a spark to get the fire going. And this event reignited the flame of a passion I once had. There's nothing else I would wish for but to see myself hit the dance floor again.
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