Sunday, March 1, 2015

Run For Your Life

The muscles at my lower extremities are pretty sore, I could really use a relaxing massage right now.

But I am not complaining. As my fingers are typing the very words you see at the moment, I try to numb down the soreness with these medicated pain relief patches that I plastered all over my thighs and legs. Doesn't really take away the pain but it's better than nothing. I have been walking around the house, giving off waves of peppermint and I think it smells pretty good. Haha.

You see, I barely survived my 5K run early this morning. No matter, I had fun.

I didn't really expect a lot from myself though. Heck, I didn't even expect anything at all. I didn't have breakfast, I only slept for three hours, never warmed up, and worst, I didn't do some stretching before the gun fired. And yes, I can come up with a thousand lame excuses more. But really, I barely survived and failed to beat my own record from the last run because I am no longer fit. I am in terrible condition, to say the least. I no longer have the same stamina that I used to have. (gawd how I miss being an athlete where 5k marathons were just mere practices!)
Of course, groufies (or what do you call it?) are imperative.
Anyway, I don't have much to share about what happened during the run, unless you want to know how much I perspired and panted, and how we goofed around imitating how characters in the Anime run (picture this: Konoha ninjas. Hahaha).

Although I would like to share how proud I am of my friends for beating their records - 20 minutes earlier than their previous run (35 minutes run time. Good job guys!). And of course, I am so proud of the boyfriend, Jan. It's his first run and he fared better than me. Now that I have mentioned it, I am wondering how much would he allow me to influence his life? I've been dragging him to activities he's never done before. Haha. But he does the same to me. So, I think we're fine with how things are going. ;)
Our first run together!
What happened after the run was quite interesting. We got a lot of freebies (yay!). And best of all, we had the chance to have our body composition measured. My results were not surprising though. Muscle mass, body fat, and visceral fat are normal; metabolic age is 19 (double yay!); and not reaching my ideal body weight is something that didn't really surprise me. I was told I have a fast metabolism I have to eat more snacks. Haha. You see, no matter how much food I shove down my throat, I still find myself having trouble gaining weight. So I guess, I have to go back eating just fries, burgers, hotdogs  and softdrinks coupled with physical inactivity - that time when my weight darted from 47 kgs (103 lbs) to 50kgs (110 lbs) in just a week. Haha. Kidding.
Glenda, getting her body components measured.
Well, this is my fuel currently:
That should be 5k by the way.
Mistaken to be a young runner (hint: in 3 months I will be turning 30). This isn't really new to me. I've been told a lot of times I look younger than my age, and it doesn't get any more flattering than that. Exercise does make you young and happy. So yeah, I am running for my life. I will be running for a long, healthy, and well-lived life. :)


  1. Maibog gyud ko sa mga nagaapil ug mga ana ug makahuman. I used to be athletic but i'm not fit anymore. I can't even finish running 2 kms without feeling that pain on the right side of my stomach. You know that part under the rib? Hay wala koy hangin.

    Congratulations! It must feel so good to be able to reach the finish line. Too bad for me hantod imagination nalang ko kay I'm so lazy.hehe

    1. Same here. I used tobe athletic pero wala na jud. Walay hangin. Actually, I just walked all the way pabalik. Haha. I will really try to go back in shape na. Haha


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