I Shall Come Again, Camiguin!

By Sarah Aterrado - April 22, 2015

"Kung gamay mog itlog pangihi mo sa balete."

That's what I have learned from our 4-day trip in Camiguin. Haha. Kidding aside, this is the first time I have ever visited Northern Mindanao and it was definitely a blast. Camiguin island indeed has a lot of beautiful and interesting places to see. So without further ado, let me show you my short but memorable trip to Camiguin.


Day 1
First stop, Katibawasan Falls.
Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin
Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin

Look! A new found love, kiping!

A much needed relaxing dip at the Ardent hot spring after a long and butt-numbing 10-hour trip from Davao City is, of course, imperative.
Ardent Hot Spring, Camiguin

Day 2
They say that you've never been to Camuigin if you haven't set foot onto the powdery white sands of White Island. And this is apparently true because this is the highlight of the trip. Saying that this sandbar is beautiful would be an understatement.  :)
White Island, Camiguin
The picturesque view of Mt. Hibok-hibok
White Island, Camiguin
Goofin around with the little one who's not so little anymore.
I will conquer Mt. Hibok-hibok. Not with a bikini, of course!
White Island, Camiguin
So my mom just photobombed a supposedly nice shot. haha
White Island, Camiguin
I love this. I think my mom's a budding paparazzi
White Island, Camiguin
The gang minus my mom (She took this photo).
Had a quick stop at the Sunken Cemetery just before the high noon sun started piercing my already toasted skin.

Visited the 16th century old church ruins. There's something about historical ruins that gives me the high. I really love it here.
Old Church Ruins, Camiguin
Old Church Ruins, Camiguin
Old Church Ruins, Camiguin

A refreshing plunge at Sto. Nino cold spring to beat the summer heat, why not? And yes, kiping again. This has got to be a new favorite.
Look at my sister. I stand 5'3 and she's only 15.

The barely touched Tuasan Falls.
Tuasan Falls, Camiguin
Si Papa na lang kulang. We'll soon be complete. :)

Chillaxin at Paras Beach Resort while waiting for the sun to set.
Camiguin Island
Camiguin Island

And finally, a beautiful view of the sunset to cap off the day. God is so amazing.
Camiguin Island
Camiguin Island

Day 3. Going Home
And since we're too early for the barge going to back to Port Balingoan, we decided to chill at a nearby fishpen, at Lagoon instead. :)
Reminds me of Sibadan Fish Cage. :)
Perhaps you've already heard about this a thousand times already, but I will say it again anyway: Camiguin is so beautiful not to be a part of your must-visit list. I don't have anything more to say because I'm pretty sure hundreds have already been written about Camiguin Island's beauty and I don't want to spoil you because I want to leave it up to you to discover the rest.

Thoughts About This Trip
I enjoyed the trip. I really did. It's just that not a single mishap ever happened that I just found myself at lost for words for a story that I was about to tell. Wala akong maikwentong kamalasan o kung ano mang kalokohan. Haha. I just realized that the best adventures always come with misadventures. I am the one who's flexible and ready to shift courses when unexpected things happen. The unexpected just didn't happen.

This trip was so smooth for everything went well according to plan. And as far as I look back to my past adventures, nature doesn't always run on schedule. But this time, even the fickle weather that has the power to ruin the best laid plans didn't mind as it gave us the perfect summer heat for this trip.

Not that I am complaining. I really am thankful for that. But I think the adventurista spirit in me was just looking for something. You know, that feeling when you step out of your door with a blank slate, not knowing what's ahead and where your feet will be swept off to. O baka naghahanap lang talaga ako nang sakit ng katawan. Haha.

Nonetheless, I really am thankful that I got to experience Camiguin's beauty and the fact that I spent it with family and friends, it was indeed a vacation well spent.

Thank you, Camiguin. I still have a lot to discover about you. Two days is sure not enough. I will definitely be back again to conquer your majestic Mt. Hibok-hibok. :)

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  1. OMG!!! YOu don't look your turning 30. Doesnt even look like you have a son. Im green with envy. LOL

  2. I have just recently visited Camiguin and I liked it too! Berating myself for taking so long to visit this beautiful island! :D

    1. I love it there! I actually want to go back and conquer Mt. Hibok-hibok. :)