I remember the times I get tongue-tied whenever I am asked, "kailan kayo naging kayo?"  That is probably the easiest question any couple will come across with. Not in our case though. We're just as clueless as anybody who would ask us the same question.

Kailan nga ba?  

Honestly, I do not know exactly when because at some point of our friendship, it just happened. Nothing was ever forced. We were like magnets pulled together in a force we can never break away from. Courtship never even happened - which is actually a good thing because Jan never had to put his best foot forward. But I do remember that a year ago, today, Jan and I made it official for formality's sake. It was nothing cheesy nor romantic at that time. The date didn't even matter.

So it follows we don't celebrate 'monthsaries' either. We think it's rather pointless to count the months that we are together, isn't it? I used to make a big deal out of monthsaries back when I was young and all that mattered to me was that it's something that's befitting for couples in love. Not until I met Jan.

Being in a relationship with him made the ordinary days not-so-ordinary. There's no need for a specific date to celebrate love. Our long conversations over a cup of coffee (ditched the old habit though 'cause we're drinking hot choco now hehe), the long walks we shared together, those simple dinner dates sa tabi-tabi, and random escapades are all special to me. So I guess, it's still a matter of appreciating the little things. Besides, I'd rather use the element of surprise sparingly - when my love expects it the least - than do something "special" (out of a habit) every after thirty freakin days. For eleven months, I haven't greeted him. Not even once. Either I am just not the romantic type or I'm like most guys who couldn't care less about special dates. Or both. Or maybe we're too old for that. But allow me to make an exception this time because I like to get mushy once in a while.

Today is apparently different. I am definitely pausing and detaching myself from my own norms for I would like to relive the moment that changed my life forever. It is because a year ago, on this day, I have been able to share many other special days with Jan in my life.

And if this isn't quite sappy enough, go ahead and play this song to complete the mood:

I am amazed how time flies really fast. It has been a year and I cannot believe that not a single fight has ever happened between the two of us. We do have logical, scientific, and sometimes nonsensical arguments here and there, then have a good laugh about it afterwards. And a few minor disagreements in between that oftentimes get shrugged off at the mention of food. But nothing sort of big or serious that could lead to having cold shoulders or silent treatments. This made me realize that fights are unavoidable but aren't really necessary in building the foundation of a successful relationship, communication is. And I am glad we have a substantial amount of that.

It has been a year and everything is still light and breezy. It has been a year and it is taking me by surprise that it has only been a year and there's already so much about us. The way we are together feels like we've known each other forever and all at the same time it feels like we've just started dating yesterday.  I know it sounds crazy, corny, or perhaps confusing but that's exactly how it feels. And there is no other way to put it.

I am finally able to grasp the phrase quality over quantity and how it fits well in a relationship. One year is too short, I know. But more than the length of time spent, we are brewing this relationship with love, trust, respect, openness, intimacy, friendship, the thirst to do new things, then sprinkle it with fun, humor, and a pinch of dirty talks (haha), then we have the right ingredients that could keep it from getting bitter or stale. And I believe that's what really matters.
Off to more adventures with you. :)
We are growing up together and the best thing about this journey is that we're making each other better. I know storms will eventually come our way and I know our relationship is still too young, but it is not frail. We made it out in one piece when things tried to tear us apart. We have literally experienced a night in the open while the coldest winds envelop our shivering bodies, slept through a night on a bed of rocks, got through a day with little to no food, got lost in an uncharted territory, and yet we survived it all still happy and smiling because we know we've got each other's back. And I believe the incoming storms in life won't be any different as long as we live by Jack Johnson's words: "It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving. I'll tell you one thing, it's always better when we're together."

Yes, it is indeed always better when we are together. And of course, let's not forget we've got family and friends, and the Big Guy up there who'd be there for us too.

I really hope that by the time Jan will be casting a toothless grin, when his hair will all turn grey, and when facial lines will take away his youthful glow, I will be there to witness it all. There is nothing more I could ever ask for but to sing "Better Together" with him until we can't hear each other anymore. :)

I think I've already said a lot about us. People who know me well knew that I am very expressive when my emotions are at the peak levels - be it happy, sad, pissed off, or whatnot. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how I feel today. It's really hard to shut up. There are still so many things I want to say but I think I now need to draw a line lest I write something not for public consumption. Hehe. Well, I just want to tell the world that I found a man - the one I could live for, the one who deserves.

To the most beautiful man alive, 

Yes, I long to celebrate love for the rest of my life with you. But for now, let me cherish this wonderful feeling of being in love and loved by you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LAB! I still can't figure out what I did in life to deserve you. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful even though there are times I know pretty well I'm in my most unkempt appearance. Thank you for loving me the way you do. I know you're far from perfect, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE YOU, JAN CARLO! I love you so much... so much I'd kiss a thousand frogs (no matter how deathifying it seems) just to be with you.

The most beautiful woman alive


  1. Aaaaawwww... That is so sweet. You look good together. Bagay kayo. Parehong gwapo at maganda. =)