An Open Letter to My Younger Self

By Sarah Aterrado - May 21, 2015

Hello Sarah,

I'm sorry to interrupt the Chip War. I know things are getting pretty intense right there but this is something you need to know asap. Besides, the Accretians are probably going to win again anyway. So I hope you don't mind if I ask you take a back seat from RF Online for awhile and listen to what I am going say.

Do you recognize me? Probably not with the curly hair I'm sporting on. I've added an extra weight too. Well, just a little bit. Before you freak out and accuse me being a stalker, relax. It's just me, your future self. I'm writing this while I am taking a break at the office as I enjoy the beautiful view of the sea on my right. Yes, you've read that right. I'm working in an office doing stuff that has something to do with pixels and points, HTML5/CSS3, UI/UX, iOS and Android - things you apparently don't understand right now. You might be confused, but soon you'll find out why and how I ended up here.

I want to tell you things. Things you probably don't want to hear.  Things you would probably hate me for. But I won't stop because I assure you, this is going to be for your own good. I know you. You are stubborn and you hardly ever listen. But no one else knows you better than me. So shut up and let me do the talking.

First and foremost, ditch those baggy jeans, they don't look good on you.

Stop splurging on those overrated flipflops known as Havaianas. You think they're hot. But they are not. They are just goddamn slippers for heaven's sake! It's no different from the Spartan you have. You don't need more than five pairs. Actually, you don't need a pair at all.

But let's get on a more pressing issue. I know you've taken all the entrance tests in almost all the universities here and there. I know you're confused. But let me tell you this, don't take the Nursing course. Not that I am saying it's bad. It's not. It is noble. But it's not for you. Trust me on this one. Don't take Nursing no matter how many of your friends will enroll or how in-demand it is abroad. Take Communication Arts, Mass Communication, Philosophy, or Journalism perhaps. I know you'd be happy there. Or do ourselves a favor, take Computer Science or any I.T. courses.

Your academic performance in the next few years will depend on the choices you will make in college. Which brings me to my next point, come to class early. Or should I say, at least come to class. You are missing a lot of things. What you missed on the day's lesson could save your life in the future. And no, cutting classes is not cool in college. That is soooo high school. And it is not cool to act like a high school in college. Come on, you're better than that.

That could also mean to stop playing computer games because this is one of the reasons why you are missing your classes! Goddamnit Sarah! You have to learn to sort out your priorities. Yes, computer games are fun. Yes, you are competitive. Yes, you are good at them. But you are getting stuck in the rut. In case you didn't notice, you're turning into a panda. Pandas are cute, but the dark circles under your eyes are not. I know how much you love the outdoors. So why are you missing the sunrise just to please the people in that virtual world? Get your butt out of that chair because you're missing a lot of real fun from the real world. And I mean it, now!

Sleep at least six hours. I know an 8-hour sleep would be too much to ask. But four hours of sleep daily is not okay. I know the effects and it is not good. I've seen it. Did you know that lack of sleep causes irreversible brain damage? If you can hear your brain cells now, they're pleading for your mercy. Spare them. Please.

Okay, let's speed this up because I'm not getting any younger and so are you. But you should know that you're too old to become a tween and too young to become an adult. Enjoy your teenage years while you're still there. So don't rush growing up. Don't rush on love. Don't ditch your friends for your boyfriend. And don't ever think Ma and Pa are ruining your life.

With that being said, let me address this even more pressing issue. What's with that rebellious attitude? Why are you trying to displease Ma and Pa? Failing purposefully doesn't do anybody any good. And do you think you win when you come home late at night or not come home at all? No, you don't. Everybody loses here. And no, don't talk back. You don't have the balls to live alone. So stop being too proud. You don't realize this at the moment but you are the one ruining yourself. Pull yourself together man, and grow up!

Stop bitchin' about your sad story life. Because the truth is, your life is beautiful. You just need to learn how to appreciate those little things around you. You've got friends and family who never left your side despite all the sickening drama in your life. Life is good, Sarah. So smile.

Okay, this is getting pretty long and I don't want to overwhelm you. But before I end this, I would like to tell you that things are better in your future, Sarah. You will do things you've never done before. You will go places you've never been before. And just like what you're going through now, you will still be going through shit - actually, a lot shittier. But you are strong. You are awesome. Things will turn out pretty amazing, trust me.

And always, always believe in yourself. Remember this, you are better than you think you are.

All the best,

2005 and today

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  1. Grabe nakog katawa ani nga post kay maremember dyud tika tung una. Ikaw dyud kaayo na sarj. Bugay dyud kaau ka. Hahaha

  2. Hello Office Lady from the Future,

    As of now I assume Young Sarah knows a good deal about this "HTML5/CSS3, UI/UX, iOS and Android".Especially Android. Spartan? Most probably Young Sarah would say 'Microsoft Edge you mean?'. Nursing? If I'm not mistaken, Young Sarah got it wrong, right? Those tarantulas are to blame.


    1. As of now I assume Young Sarah knows a good deal about this "HTML5/CSS3, UI/UX, iOS and Android".Especially Android.
      -Uh-huh :)

      -I'm not really sure if those 30-peso Spartan slippers still exist. :D

      Most probably Young Sarah would say 'Microsoft Edge you mean?'. Nursing? If I'm not mistaken, Young Sarah got it wrong, right? Those tarantulas are to blame.
      -Ahaha. Yeah. She got it wrong. And nooooo the tarantulas are not to be blamed. LOL. :D