Sunday, May 24, 2015

Brother Color Manila Run

Brother Color Manila Run
I was there.

Today, I got to take part in Color Manila Run. This isn't the first time I have joined a Color Run, but this is definitely the most awesome Color Run I have ever joined to date. Although admittingly, I've only joined two color runs my entire life. Hehe.

Color Manila has been known for always pulling off the biggest, most colorful, and most awesome color fun runs across the Philippines. They indeed know how to put the "fun" in Fun Run. And to make it more awesome, Color Manila has teamed up with Brother Philippines to which the event highlights Brother's New Refill Tank System.

The best thing about this run is that I got to experience it for FREE! Yes, Free. Libre. Walang bayad. How cool is that? Thank you, Brother - At Your Side! Thank you, Davao Bloggers! Well, this is one of the perks of being a blogger. You can eat food for free, you can have a newly launched gadget and gizmo for free, you can come to artista events hassle-free, and yes, I could name more.

Anyway, what happened between the gun start until the finish line can only be described as fun and awesome. You may or may not have noticed it, but I've been using the word "awesome" in this post a lot of times already. Pardon me for the redundancy and my lack of vocabulary but Color Manila Run is really awesome and there is no other way to put it.
This is how you get duuurty :)
The fun didn't end after the race run. Good thing I still have a lot of energy left for the gigantic color festival (see first photo. Image via Brother At Your Side). The field was teeming with people from all ages - kids, teens, adults, and even grannies too! Just so you know, I was the only one in this. I was informed about the run the day before the event that's why I wasn't able to drag anyone with me. Since I'm all alone, I have to make the most of it - to do what I rarely do and that is to *drumroll please* party! So I inched my way little by little through the crowd until I made it right in front of the stage to make pacute in front of the cameras positioned there (yep, makapal mukha ko). Haha. Kidding! I believe, in front of the stage - where confetti and color blasters await - is the best spot to party.
Brother Color Manila Run
Exercise or Party? Why not both?
It was a massive party. We were dancing, slamming, and screaming our lungs out while anticipating the moment we throw our colorful packets in the air. Then the countdown began. And before I even knew it, colors blasted off into the air. I couldn't see anything but hazy colors and big smiles everywhere. The sky was suddenly bleeding rainbows. It was insane. Insanely beautiful. The crowd went frenzy. Then the field turned into a nightclub. At 7am. Complete with lively music and the crowd thumping. Which led me to realize I'm a loser or maybe I'm just too old for I don't know any of the songs the dj was playing (except Celebration by Kool & The Gang. I had to Google that even haha). But it's okay, I was still singing like I knew the songs and I danced to it like nobody's watching anyway.
Brother Color Manila Run
Two Thumbs Up!
The color run experience was incredible. Not only that the colors added oomph to the usual run but it's also a good way to introduce fitness to those who aren't really into running in an interesting and non-threatening way since it's not a timed race. Which is, in a word, awesome (that word again. Haha).

The Brother Color Manila Run definitely ended with a blast! And as I walked back home, I realized there's no way I've had this much fun all by myself, early in the morning. And I think that is the best part about my experience. :)


  1. Life is full of tae talaga?

    1. Hahaha. Yeah, that's the sad, bitter truth about life. But life is beautiful even if it is full of tae. hehehe :)


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