Birthday Getaway: Buwis-buhay River Trekking at Amsikong Falls - Life is so full of tae!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Birthday Getaway: Buwis-buhay River Trekking at Amsikong Falls

Last Saturday, Jan, Bretch, and I trekked General Santos City's hidden gem - the barely touched Amsikong Falls. 

The road going there isn't easy. There's not even a road to begin with. Of all my travel adventures, riding a habal-habal is the very least of the things I enjoyed. Heck, I never really liked it at all. I just have a high tolerance for heat, dusts, and leg cramps. And that was it. But believe me when I say I enjoyed this ride. This rough and rocky ride.

The "road" going to Amsikong Falls
This is not the rocky road that I expected when people said we'll pass through a rocky road. Road? What road?
Trekking the many falls of Amsikong wasn't easy. And I won't kid myself that I did not get scared. I was. This isn't just about a simple hiking and river trekking which we're pretty much good at, but we did some rock climbing too - without a harness, a rope or anything that can support us but only our hands and feet as we clutch on rocks and roots for dear life. And I'm not exaggerating when I say you could die of carelessness or negligence out there. But hey, we made it out alive without major injuries anyway. Too bad, the water isn't as clear as it really is because it rained the night before. However, no muddy water can stop us from having fun though. We dove away, anyway! But more than that, what really matters was our journey getting there. And it was one hell of an adventure I can never forget. :)

I would really want to go back and conquer all 12 cascading falls, and not just the 7 falls we've been. Of course, do some historical sight seeing too by spelunking to some really big Japanese caves. And I bet the best time to go would be during summer when rain is almost entirely absent. That time I'd really be able to see, plunge, and enjoy the deep blue basin of Amsikong Falls.

River Trekking Amsikong Falls
See that? We had to go through steep and narrow cliffs, muddy waters, and slippery rocks. The trails we have pictures of were simple trails. Nobody dared to take pictures while rock climbing that 90-degree vertical drop. LOL
At Amsikong Falls
My adventure buddies.
This isn't the best birthday celebration ever. But this is the first time I've treated myself on my birthday on an adventure. And when spent doing something that I absolutely love and shared with the people who are special and important to me, what more can I ever ask for?
Amsikong Falls