Here's to Turning 30

By Sarah Aterrado - June 23, 2015

I am 30 today. And since I've already given myself a treat on the last few hours of the decade that has been my twenties, I decided to stay home, sit in silence and savor the moment being in complete solitude.

If there's one thing I've given myself valuable for my birthday, it is this solitude. Yes, I am used to being alone. But those moments were never profound. I never had this chance of having a complete possession of my own thoughts, my feelings, my senses, and my soul.

With everyone at work and at school, for a few hours, I got to enjoy the quiet of our home only broken by the sound of mufflers outside but were eventually drowned by my thoughts of being reprieved of mommy, daughter, girlfriend, and employee duties. I unplugged from all the myriad distractions of my daily life. I left my phone unattended, hidden my birth date on Facebook, disabled my wall, and muted all notifications on all my messaging apps. I went outside and just let the breeze gently kiss my cheeks, took a deep breath, and I never felt so free. For some, there is definitely something missing in the whole equation when spending time alone on your birthday. But for me, it was a perfect moment to find comfort in the company that matters most - the company with myself.

 am really grateful for this time alone. Even if it's short-lived. It distanced me from the voices of the world so I can hear my own. It cleared my cluttered mind. And it helped me get in touch with myself. Finally at 30, I figured out what I really want in life. I hope to never stop learning, never stop believing, and never stop loving. Each day is indeed a gift from God. And this time, I will make sure that with gratitude, I will tear off the wrapping paper and enjoy what's inside it.

Happy 30th, Self! :)

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  1. As always, you think deep. Belated happy birthday, dear. May God bless you more and more.