Thursday, June 4, 2015

This Is Not Goodbye :)

Anticipation is creeping in. 2 hours. 2 hours more and everything will be shut down, signed out, and perhaps forgotten. My desk  that used to be a home of a cutesy pup plushie, scratch papers, post-its, and candy wrappers now screams emptiness. This room, once a nest of brilliant people fueled by passion, is now an empty space only filled with the deafening chorus of the air condition and our keyboard strokes.

Nothing is going to be certain from here. But there's one thing that I am sure of, I will miss the people who showed me support and encouragement at times of pressure and failure which ultimately led me to discover my inner strength and true capabilities. My colleagues, workadas, friends, or however I call them, have become and will always be a family to me.

This has been an incredible journey. But in a few hours this journey will come to an end. I will never forget our escapades, our dirty and silly talks, our boisterous laughter, the times we fought over a piece of food (haha patay gutom lang?), and the kind of unswerving friendship you don't always see in any kind of work place. Hey, this isn't goodbye, after all. We'll still see each other over videoke or a bottle of beer, okay? I am just a text away. Alright?

Thank you for everything! Thank you for showing me what's it like to be one with the best. See you, peeps! :-)

#Samasama #WalangIwanan #WalangLaglagan #Bidyoke

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