Monday, June 1, 2015

June Mayhem

Here comes my birthday month. I never really look forward on my birthdays like most people do. And I think I have my school to blame for that.

You see, during my pre-school and grade school days, birthdays would mean getting exposed to the first and basic form of public humiliation - to be called in front of the class and everybody sings happy birthday while you stand there awkwardly, not knowing what to do and how to react. Am I supposed to smile? Should I make eye contact? Or just look how perfectly polished my shoes were because I know my classmates were secretly laughing at me? I never got used to it. I can never really get used to that kind of attention.

Fast forward to the days I entered puberty. I thought I got away with the birthday tradition when I stepped in to high school. We were mature then. So the only time you stand in front of a class is during a reporting or a graded speech. But birthdays got worse. From high school until the present day, friends will bug you on your birthday for a treat. Which means having to spend the month's savings and ending up penniless the following week - if you give in, that is.

Turning 30 this year is no different. All the more that I no longer look forward to birthdays. No fear of getting older here, okay? But June this year is just a perfect series of what may result as a mayhem. Talk about timing, huh? First and foremost, a week from now, I will no longer have a job. It is liberating actually. But still, a jobless is a jobless. There is no sugarcoating it. And by choice, this unemployed status could go for months.

Well, I don't have plans taking any full time job just yet. I think I'm in for a break. A much needed break. And as long as I can't find a yaya for Red, then I really cannot commit to a full time job. Good yayas are hard to come by. It's like looking for a needle in the haystack - with a blindfold on. Well, I've got side jobs and I am very well prepared for this. So I'm good. Hopefully.

Second, it's back to school once again and I have just spent my entire savings during the summer for enrollment and Red's school supplies. Spending for my child's education is something I would not ever question. We can't change the fact that the earth revolves around the sun, so is the fact that private schools are expensive. Tuition fees are skyrocketing, let alone expenses for books, uniforms, and whatnot. (Now I know, Mom.)

Third, Red's birthday is coming up. No, I don't dread it. I am actually thankful that I've got a handsome, wonderful, and amazing son any mom could ever ask for and he's turning 6 this month. That means, I'm also throwing a party for his birthday. Although, I would actually want to spend the party-money for something I know he'd love and enjoy - a battery operated motorcycle worth around 15k. That's roughly almost half of my salary. Oh wait, I don't have a job. So, let's go with the party, for now. The motorcycle can wait and I hope by the time I can afford it (if it's still there and if Red still wants it,) it is on sale.

Oh, diba bongga? Sabay-sabay lahat.

Judging from everything that I have mentioned, it all boils down to one thing: I've got to trim the fat from all of my expenses. Be lean on my spendings. Unless I want to be broke and eventually find myself thinking of ways how to swindle money from the parents. Haha. Not happening.

A lot of things will change from now on. Rainy days are here again. June is going to be one hell of a ride, but I've had worse. So yeah, bring it on!

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