What Would Cheeses Do?

By Sarah Aterrado - August 17, 2016

WARNING: This will be another cheesy random blog post.

Although that warning wouldn't really matter because, apparently, everyone in this planet loves cheese...

Except me.

It's probably what people will remember me by. The girl who hates cheese.

And there is nothing quite like getting all the glare with murderous intent from people who cannot fathom how one could have hated cheese. It's like I have committed a mortal sin just for hating it and I should be damned for eternity. Although I would definitely feel the same way to anyone who doesn't like bacon.

I hate cheese and all things cheese. Except quesadilla. And pizza. And I would definitely love to have a blueberry and cream cheese waffle right now.

I'd be damned if this was edible.

Anyway, I have made my point. I don't like cheese. Period. Now, let's talk about my love-hate relationship with ketchup and how a sheer act of getting it out of its bottle or tearing open a sachet frustrates me.

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  1. The Ketchup. Lol. I miss your posts like this. More sarj!

  2. This is one of the reasons why I love following your blog. You do not think like a typical Pinay. Mga banat mo madalas simple lang pero nakakatawa. :D