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HairFood Co.: Giving Your Skin the Best Care It Deserves

I barely use beauty products, especially on my face. Since I am always in a hurry (read: lazy), my daily facial routine includes: washing, moisturizing, and applying baby powder only. Nothing more, nothing less. I really didn't care until a legion of tiny red minions started breaking out lately, and perhaps my frequent exposure to the sun is responsible for the fine lines that's starting to get a little noticeable on my face. Yes, I can get a little conscious too.

I am thinking, if I'm gonna be a hot momma in my 50s, then I have to take care of my skin as early as now.

Thankfully, HairFood Co. exists and sent me wonderful goodies for my skin and hair. But since I will be talking about skin care here, the (now-favorite) hair care products will have a share of the spotlight in another post. Please stay tuned for that.
Thank you so much, HairFood Co.
For the past few days (just when my acne scars started fading out), I've been getting compliments how blooming I look (puyat pa yan ha).

Here's a quite surprising confession: I am (now) obsessed with oil.

That's right, I put oil on my face.

I used to think oil is the archenemy of a clear skin. Contrary to what most people think, oil is my savior. It gave me a clearer and well-hydrated skin. And here are the reasons why I absolutely love them:
Sunflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Argan Oil from HairFood Co.
Sunflower Oil
I use the sunflower oil as an "eye cream". It's already more than a month since I've been sleeping for only 3-4 hours a day, I should've had those dark circles under my eye by now. But this oil works wonders. As long as I use this, people will never really know I have extended "productive" hours past midnight (I have to wake up everyday at 4am, just so you know).

Rosehip Oil
When pimples started to break out, there's an insatiable urge in me to pick and pop them. I know picking will just make matters worse but there's this feeling of satisfaction from squeezing my zits and I can't help it. So my face has to pay the price. Acne scars are nasty. But the Roseship oil came to the rescue. It helps lighten up my acne scars in no time.

Argan Oil
I ditched my face moisturizer and replaced it with this. It's light enough to apply on, leaving the skin not greasy but well-hydrated. It is non-comedogenic - meaning, it doesn't clog your pores. What's not to love?
Bare face (just the lip balm). No Filter. Thank you, HairFood Co.
I now treat everything from acne to wrinkles to dry skin to oily skin with these all-natural oils. In fact, they help balance out the production of oils of your face. Seriously, just do a little research and you will find out how it's packed with good stuff like antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. And among all the beauty oils out there in the market, I would definitely recommend these products that I use from HairFood Co.

Ever since I started using HairFood Co.'s oil products on my face, I have noticed improvement on the way my face feels and the way it looks (especially upon close-up). I am blown away and I am utterly satisfied with it. :)

To learn more about HairFood Co. and their products, you can visit their Facebook page at
Or you can visit their branches at SM City Davao, Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang Premier.

Ta-ta for now! Stay beautiful! :)

Please bear in mind that when it comes to beauty regimen, whatever works for me may not work for you. All the products I review here on my blog are either sponsored or bought from my own money. Whatever I say here is factual and only based on my experience. This is an honest review and not a paid post.


  1. would you believe that face is already 31? lahat na siguro ng products na ineendorse mo gusto kong subukan. how to be you po, miss sarah?

  2. Hello sis, did you also put oil when your acne were active? I saw their store at SM I want to try but since its abit pricey I need to hear more from actual users. I hope to hear from you. Tnx!

    1. Hello, Miss Angela! I use Sunflower oil for my pimples. And it does a pretty good job in reducing the size of the bumps. I don't use Rosehip oil for active pimples though. I only use them for scars. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Ako din gusto kong maging hot momma when I reach 50 hehehe. Like you, I am super lazy when it comes to skin regimen plus I have a toddler to manage. Kakapatay ko palang ng gripo andyan na si bulilit lols. I have tried Argan oil from watsons, it serves as my moisturizer when I was pregnant and I love it. I stopped nung naging busy na ko. I would love to try the 3 oils you have mentioned, especially the sunflower oil as your eye serum. Thanks for sharing dear. :)

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  4. I don't have beauty regimen, I always tell myself that I will take care of my skin but I'm not consistent, hanggang umpisa lang. hehehe! But I would love to try Argan oil.

  5. My mother and sister don't use such things. But I guess I have to introduce this to them.

  6. I haven't tried any of the products of Hairfood Co. I have read a lot of positive reviews about Argan oil and I am very convinced it is great for our skin!

  7. Slowly im switching to oil based products nadin. After sa hair. I think I need to check this one. It's interesting:)

  8. Wow! This is something new and by reading your post, I want to try it out already! lol. I'm not great at taking care of my skin too but I want to start using natural products for my face.

  9. We're the same. Medyo tamad ako pagdating sa beauty regimen until isnag araw nagising ako at biglang nagkainteres bumili ng mga beauty products. Narealize ko I am not getting younger and so my skin. Kaya I need to take care of it and these products are must try :)

  10. Will share this post to my Mom and Sis back home. Ganda ng picture mo Sis, will definitely check these product. Thanks:)

    1. I mean to use my other blog this week.:)

  11. I've been using Rose hip oil ever since it became a hype. I haven't tried Argan oil yet, but it got positive reviews. So I might consider using this. :)

  12. I haven't tried using oil on my face. Looking forward to your review on those Hairfood Co. products.


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