Being Sick Sucks

I don't always get sick but when I do I get the nastiest cough and cold virus ever. I think this is the first time in 2016 that I got hit (yeah, I'm a hardy like that). I was all and well training Muay Thai, then the next day I have a sore throat, then came the fever, and now my voice is gone. I have an annoying dry cough, my nose is stuffy, and I can't breathe properly.

I hate being sick because it makes me lose my appetite and I end up feeling completely incapable of taking care of myself. I hate that I feel too needy. Jan has been going the extra mile to take care of me when in fact I could have done things myself. Although I love it this way (spoiled girlfriend alert teehee), being sick still sucks.

And the worst thing about being sick is the timing. The body could have chosen another time to weaken and lay all the drama of dying. I cannot afford to be sick when I have to impress the client with my awesome skills and fast delivery. But work is not something I could do properly when the head is all foggy. I couldn't get a lot of stuff done. Even writing this post is a beast.

I really hope I get better soon because I have a prestigious and BIIIIIG event to attend to. Not that I am excited about it (the word prestigious scares me). But damn! It is something I don't want to miss.

Ito talaga yun eh. Ito lang naman kinain ko bago ako nagkasakit.


  1. ano ba yang kinain mo ms sarah?

    1. Secret. It's my favorite kasi eh. I don't want to drag the name down. I just got hit by tonsillitis lang siguro. :)