Monday, November 7, 2016

Get a Life

I was browsing through a thousand photos that I have just transferred from my memory card and sorted them according to the places I've been to when I said to myself, "my 20-year old self would be so envious of me".

She was a carefree, adventurous, and spirited young girl but the chains of digital age caught her. She got herself locked up and enslaved in a virtual world. Many of you would describe her as a video game addict. Yes, that typical gamer who'd resist the urge to use a toilet and deal with it for as long as she can. She allowed the video games to control and take over her life. And for years, she turned into a zombiefied no-lifer girl who merely existed for rare drops and +7s.

She wasted her life playing video games, I would say so. And that is the sad and horrible truth video game addicts will never realize until they take a step back and zoom out to see a wider view of what they've been missing (and losing) in real life. When you get into that sinkhole and lose sight of what's real, you lose grip of what could have been great. Maybe if I played a hundred hours less and devoted that hundred hours practicing the guitar instead, I would have been a prodigy by now. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I know you get my drift.
Go out. Chase the sun. Be free.
I have nothing against gaming. But I think I played too much, spent too much, and did not set my priorities right. I neglected a lot of important things. Apparently, the video games have not brought me any closer to the things that I really want and honestly, it made me feel a little dead inside. But there's no use crying over spilled milk because none of that matters now. I cannot change what I've done in the past but I have changed my ways to live better than to simply just exist. Maybe I have just outgrown it. Maybe I got bored. Or maybe I just want to do something even more with my life. Whatever that is, I am certain now that I know better.

It's a tough world out there and I do understand we all need an escape from time to time. I have my ways of escaping reality but gaming is no longer one of them. (I don't do drugs, okay?)

Yes, I have already quit playing virtual games a long time ago and LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER. :)


  1. Kanang Dota lagi ba makadaot ug relasyon. Sama ni....... Hahaha!

    1. Bwahaha! May na lang akong uyab karon kabalo mubalanse. Ug ginaprio jud ko nya. Haha ;)

  2. I don't regret playing computer/video games. I regret playing bad games tho'.


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