Make Your Own Chocolate at Malagos Chocolate Museum

Honestly, I am not a big fan of chocolate, unless it's dark. I'll take a Caesar Salad any day over a milk chocolate. I mostly say no to anything sweet.

But then, who am I to say no if given the chance to know how the "food of the gods" were made?

Ladies and gents, Davao is more than just the durian, pomelo, and mangosteen. We've got the best and most distinct-tasting chocolates here too. So if you are in for a literally bitter-sweet treat, may I present to you the first and the only Chocolate Museum in the Philippines!

The 230-square-meter museum is seated inside Malagos Garden Resort, just beside their Chocolate factory. So if you have been curious how their delicious, award-winning chocolates are made, step in and learn how the sweet magic happens.

The Chocolate Museum will help promote not only our locally-produced chocolates, but the awareness of cacao farming as well, which in the long run will open more job opportunities.

Here are some snaps inside the museum:
Old equipment they used
Finished products.
How chocolate started
And chocolate recipes, of course!
Let's put the Philippines on the Chocolate Map, shall we? Let's support our own products!

And of course, you will not only learn about cacao farming and chocolate production, you will not only be taught how to test and taste a chocolate, but you will also get to experience and enjoy making your own chocolate for only P450 per 200 grams!
This is where the magic happens!
There's a lot of ingredients to choose from
And the moulds are so cute, too!
Tried new flavors by adding lemon balm, spearmint, and dried ginger to it
The process is messy but really fun!
And it's delicious!
So if you're up for something fun and new this summer (or any season for that matter), be chocolatier and visit Malagos Garden Resort Chocolate Museum now. Or you may contact them at 0977 713 2223 or (082) 224-7438 for more information.

With love from the Davao Bloggers Society