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By Sarah Aterrado - April 27, 2017

I promised myself I will become a better blogger. And by that I mean, take better pictures like how most bloggers would do.

I've been going places and doing stuff lately that would have been blog-worthy. But I failed big time.

1.) I took a Basic Mountaineering Course (1, 2, and 3) and had my first ever rappelling experience at Tagbaobo Falls.

2.) We had an awesome diving experience at the Taklobo Farm where I saw the biggest and most fascinating giant clams my whole life.

3.) I came home with hives and a puffy face after eating too much seafood during island hopping in Samal.

4.) I spent a day and a half basking under the sun and riding the waves in one of my favorite beaches in the world, Dahican.

But why haven't I blogged about this when I had all the time?

Five words: I. Do. Not. Have. Photos.

I don't have photos that will make the reader want to read my post. You know, save you those long and boring posts and just let the photos to do all the talking - specially now that I'm starting to become lazy with words.

Well, at least, I have one decent shot:

Dahican Surf Resort
Last week, I submitted my entry for Traveloka Blogger Contest. I had a hard time coming up with a way to deliver my article in a different angle because I'm pretty sure all entries will have the same content (how travel changed our lives doesn't really have a significant difference from one person to another). And I'm glad it paid off because I was chosen fifth weekly winner. Yes, writing the entry is difficult, but not as difficult as scouring every part of my hard drive for photos I can use.

This afternoon, I will be speaking in front of a crowd with co-blogger Renz of thetravelingnomad.com about the Challenges of a Millennial Traveler. Honestly, I don't have problems talking in front of many people. I could still use my public speaking skills back in high school and college. Not that I'm good at it, pero makapal lang talaga ang mukha ko. I really don't care if I stutter or screw up. But what's challenging me the most is finding the perfect travel photos that I can share later. Ugh.

You see, that is my problem. I am too lazy to take out my camera when the situation is screaming for me to do so. I have a DSLR but it's too heavy to bring. I have a great action cam, but it isn't too friendly to use. I have a decent point and shoot but it's not great with low light. And yes, I have a big head that's too full of excuses.

Maybe getting a great camera, like a Canon EOS M10 or that Sony RX 100V, will spare me the excuse not to take another photo.

Anyway, I'll be going away again this weekend. And this time, I will nail those infamous blogger poses and Jan be the perfect Instagram blogger boyfriend. Haha. Wish me luck!

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  1. Sometimes, the pressure to take photos can ruin the moment. Had the same problem too! But I thought me in that moment in time is more important than spending it on taking photos. Pero afterwards maghahanap din ako ng picture! Hahaha

    1. Yun nga eh, I don't care if I don't take a lot of photos kasi nga sayang din yung moment. But afterwards, maghahanap din ako. Haha

  2. Wag masyado papressure. A few good photos is enough.


    1. Di naman ako napepressure. Yun nga lang, kapag dapat ng magblog, I only have few photos na nga, they not good enough pa. Haha.