Mars Shallow

By Sarah Aterrado - May 27, 2017

Only three things make up my Facebook wall: travel, shameless plugging of my blog, and politics. And since I am living in Mindanao, the crisis might have gave way for you to guess that my Facebook wall is currently active. I made 4 posts since the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao three days ago and I think that's already a lot.

So if you want to see how I am doing with my life or if you want to look for something to blackmail me with, dig into this blog. I have cringe-worthy and hideous photos buried here since 2007. Stalking my Facebook profile won't do you any good and will only leave you with one question, "nagtatrabaho pa ba itong babaeng ito? Bakit puro gala ang nakikita ko." (That's what I've been always asked at least). There are far more interesting things you can find here. Things that I never post on Facebook. But I'm warning you, there are some things you cannot unread. LOL.

Anyway, this week has really been crazy. In fact, the past few weeks have been batshit crazy I would be terrified if I go through a week with no sh*t happening at all. Not!

Things that irked me this week:
1. Last-minute tasks that must be finished immediately. Masyado ko yatang ginalingan. Hindi ako robot ui!
2. Raissa Robles. Tirahin mo na ang lahat, wag lang talaga ang Davao. Don't us! 

3. PRRD's rape joke. Haay Digong! Cut it out already. You are better than that.
4. This tanga face as I spoke in front of millennials and intimidating-looking people.

Oh gawd, I need to consult with a fashion stylist.

What made me happy this week:
1. The opportunity to speak in front of millennials and intimidating-looking people.
2. Dark chocolates.
3. Good sleep.
4. Jan helping me repainting my desk.

Ciao! Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. Hello Sarah! I love reading your blogs. I'm a new follower here. Hope you post more travel blogs because I like that you are telling them on a personal level. =)