Saturday, June 10, 2017

Once You Go Clack, You Never Go Back

Keep writing.

That's what Jan told me when he gave me a mechanical keyboard. I've always wanted one but I feel wary about spending too much for a goddamn keyboard that pretty much does the same thing a cheap keyboard would. I never really thought of actually owning one.

But Jan knows better than spoiling me with flowers and teddy bears. He knows me too well. He knows I'll go gaga over this. And naturally, I went gaga over this typing just every word I know. Ketchup. Turtle. Benevolent. Oblong. Glorious. Sound. Much. Amaze. Wow.

I'm now one of them. You know, kids who went over to the dark side and won't stop yapping about their new mechanical keyboards. I've posted this both on Facebook and Instagram. And I know posting it here would be an overkill. But I can't help it. This keyboard gives me a reason to enjoy typing even when writing does not make any sense at all.

The only bad thing I see about mechanical keyboards is that the glorious clacking sound it makes is such an irresistible invitation for a cat to jump on it.
Too loud, hooman. Too loud.
Anyway, I don’t really think it’s worth trying to justify owning a mechanical keyboard to people who think it's just an overrated piece of crap. Not even to my cat. So I'm just going to leave it all here and continue whining about today's laundry and pretend Risa Hontiveros does not exist.


Me in the past 24 hours.


  1. Hahaha. Funny. I did not even know such things exist. I'm intrigued how mechanical keyboards feel like.

    1. Once you've tried it, you would want to have one na. Haha. :)

  2. hahahaha. hindi ko din alam kung ano ang mechanical keyboard..

    1. Haha. I only knew about mechanical keyboards when the boyfriend introduced it to me a few years ago. Otherwise, I would have never known it too.


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