Sunday, July 16, 2017

Confessions Vol. 12: My First Starbucks Experience

It's 2017.

Remember when I said I've never had any Starbucks before? Well, just recently, I've had one when Renz and I decided to do our planning at Starbucks for our second public speaking stint. That was my first time to hang out at Starbucks.


I came a little early for our meeting so I decided to wait for Renz inside. Entering the coffee shop felt like entering another world I don't belong to. I can feel darting glances from people who I think have spent their entire lives there. Regulars, they call them - totally engrossed, head down to whatever they're working on. I figured, these digital nomads won't really notice this ordinary girl in her ordinary jeans, shirt, and sneakers who's trying to play it cool just so people wouldn't see a complete ignoramus in her.

It was all cool until I accidentally gave out a very loud burp. How classy, di ba? It seems like I couldn't shake off the stigma that's always associated with Starbucks, pang-sosyal lang sya. I froze and scanned the room for disdainful looks, but nobody else looked my way except for the lady barista who just smiled at me. Turns out I was just too sensitive (and I'm not exactly a household name to even be noticed) - they really wouldn't give a crap.
Facebook convo with Jan, when I asked him how to order at Starbucks. Haha (click to enlarge)

I went to the cashier and decided to order what I think is familiar to me. Then reality gave me a sudden slap at the back when I realized that the only coffee I know my entire life is the 3-in-1. Starbucks has been around the city for as long as I can remember. But I wasn't able to try it mainly for two reasons: one, I'm not really a coffee person (unless the situation calls for it); two, I'm too poor for Starbucks.

I skimmed the menu for options which, honestly, isn't really appealing to me. So before I annoy the person next to me for being undecided, I went for the safest drink instead, hot chocolate. I ordered tall and pretended that it's okay to pay 140 pesos for a cup of hot choco even though my insides were already screaming treason! I felt betrayed. I could already buy 2 dozens of Milo sachets for that.

I was mildly disappointed when I learned that tall is actually the smallest and got even more disappointed when the 10-peso sikwates taste even better. But at least, they spelled my name right.

Anyway, yesterday was my first REAL Starbucks experience. I got myself a Banana Split Mocha Frappucino and this time, it did not disappoint. I definitely love it and it even got me too hyper after consuming the whole grande - and that already says a lot for someone who can barely finish a cup of coffee. But then, it's not something I'm willing to shell out my cash for either. #PooritaProblems. Just so you know, we got this for FREE. We availed Jan's BPI rewards which will expire in two days. Sayang din naman kasi.
And because it was my first, I would say, legit Starbucks experience, Jan offered to take that infamous pose-with-my-Starbucks photo to which I told him to make it quick and do it subtly. Wag nyo po akong i-judge. Haha!


  1. Hahaha. Nalingaw kog basa. You're not too poor for starbucks, you're too kuripot for starbucks.

  2. hahaha pretty nmn!

  3. I hope it won't be your last Starbucks. Coffee is life! You should also try Coffee Bean (CBTL), I like their lattes better. :)

    1. As long as I get it for free, then it won't be my last definitely. Haha. I think I've tried CBTL, but then, I'm not really a coffee person to be drinking such on a regular basis.

  4. This is really funny :D Wala pa pud ko ka tambay sa Starbucks pero naka adto nako didto kay gisugo ko ug palit sa latte ni tita. Hay nako, sa sunod pag naay budget mu try nako legit :D

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

    1. Hahaha. Ana jud na pag naay budget ra ta maka Starbucks. :D

  5. hahhahaha funny ka girl. masarap ang starbucks pero pang sweldo lang talaga siya. i don't know how call cenner (emphasis on the silent "t") agents can afford to buy it daily. yayamanin sila.

  6. hahaha we have starbucks but once a month lang twing sahod lang.


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