Monday, July 3, 2017

I Just Want to Be Pabebe for Once

Half the year has gone and as much as I want to take some time to review how my life has progressed in 2017, I just kept rolling my eyes.

Enter July. It has been raining lately and getting out of the bed every morning is becoming more and more difficult. But I do love waking up to cold mornings and grey skies. It's perfect for lazy people like me... which I think is also a bad thing because I still have more blog posts to put together. Product reviews, events, and a few travel posts that I keep putting off because... well. I am just damn too lazy.

I don't think I'll ever make it as a travel blogger nor will I ever be a good blogger. The fact that I simply don't like taking pictures of everything I do just amplified the truth that I am a terrible social media influencer.

But I am trying, really. I have just revived my Instagram account from the dead in hopes of sending my content across in a different way. Because truth be told, people (including me) are getting lazier and would rather scroll down through the photos than read posts. This kind of blogging style is dying. But I will keep on writing just so I have something to ponder on when I get old.

The rebirth of my Instagram is nothing but throwbacks of the travel photos I've never posted before, and some unflattering and awkward poses of me. I barely have followers. In order to create a cult following, one needs to have a curated feed and well-staged aesthetically-pleasing photos - something that I am struggling to have. I know, barf. More than ten years of blogging and it was only just recently when I decided to build my personal brand. That means I have to create more social media profiles with information about me fully (or selectively) fleshed out, not to mention I have got to learn slayin' those pina-blaggir poses. Oh gawd. Why do I have to do this? No one's going to be interested anyway.

Anyway, I just bought a dress online because I just want to be pabebe for once. It says it's free size but best fits small to medium frames. No offense meant, but I didn't know that plus size is the new small. Hindi naman siguro ako ganyan kapayat. Am I? Believe it or not, my waist line is 26. I wear a 27-28 pants. But I'm too lazy to return the item and argue with the seller. Gawin ko na lang syang daster pambahay. 
Expectations vs Reality. False advertisement at its finest.
P.S. Follow me on Instagram if you want. Let's go and see the world together! Promise, I won't be a jerk. There will be absolutely no lazy, badly-filtered, and i-woke-up-like-this kind of selfies. And no Jason Vorhees nor any serial killer selfies like this ever:
But really, I just want to thank my friend, Mariamme of FashionistaDeals, for sending this awesome horse oil sheet mask over. Quite hesitant to use this at first because, duh, horses. We've come too far in the name of beauty. From aloe vera, honey, and sunflower oil to snail slime, bee toxins, and horse oils. Haha


  1. Hahaha. That's my size!

    "This kind of blogging style is dying." Not true. Marami pa kami nagbabasa but iilan na lang yung finafollow kong blogs. Most of them are not so active na. :(

  2. Also korean face masks are my favorite thing right now!

    1. Now I know what the hype is all about. Ang ganda ng effect. But I don't think it's something I would do on a regular basis. 70 petot is too much for me. Haha

  3. Actually, I have followed few blogs and yes, you're right, most of them are not as active before. Parang ako din, I think di na rin ako masyadong active. Haha

  4. I really like yout blog masayang basahin. Please continue blogging!!!


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