Saturday, February 17, 2018

How Much Do You Get for a Kidney?

Today, I planned on writing a blog post where I tell the world how we had a pretty amazing out-of-town weekend but all that's going through my mind is Bill.

I think I'm obsessed. Not that I'm trying to learn about cars and how it works because I couldn't even get myself to read all the hundred pages of the manual. The word transmission already scares me, much more when introduced to alien words such fuel injection, ignition, or piston. All the mechanic's tips and instructions after the first Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) just slipped through my mind because the brain stopped working the moment I saw the bill, realizing how expensive car maintenance is despite free labor.

Right now, I really wish I have a lot of money because I want to give Bill an upgrade. I posted about my fridge magnets before and, in no time, friends started giving me one or two to add to my collection. I’m posting this hoping that generous friends will be able to read this. Haha.

What Bill badly needs:
1. Alarm System (4-6k)
2. At least 64gb class 10 Micro SD for the dash cam. (1.5-2k)

What Sarah wants for Bill:
1. Car seat headrest (less than 1k)
2. GPS Tracker (12k). Bill already has its own GPS (used for navigation), but I'm not sure if it's actually trackable.
3. Leather seat covers (6-8k). I'm currently using the free one from the dealer. Just look how fugly these things are.
As much as I enjoy the pure pleasure of being on the passenger seat, I love driving sometimes.
What Sarah badly needs:
1. Seat cushion (less than 1k)
2. A raise (at least 10k).

I’m not asking anyone for all the items listed above because that’s just crazy. Instead, I’m asking EVERYONE to help me raise the necessary funds by, well, giving me your money. I wouldn't mind dancing or doing a backflip (and I dont even know how to backflip) in exchange.

But if all else fails, my kidney is healthy, I believe.


  1. You really are funny. A kidney costs 250,000. That's already a lot for the ups needed.

    1. Great! I need more cash for PMS and gasoline. Haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Kasi may ipagyayabang eh. Haha. Chill buddy. You're free not to visit this blog. Post more comments like this baka talagang magyayabang ako sa mga di ko pa ipinagmamayabang. Haha. Breathe, okay?


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