Just Hate Another Day

Honestly, I still think Valentines is overrated.

But I never quite understood the bitterness of some people when it comes to this day. Seriously, guys? If you are looking for a day to hate, go hate those days that come after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Because that's the only time of the year you feel guilty and you go rushing to drop all that weight you gained from all those lechons and daily lechon paksiws, just so you could still fit in your pants because you can't afford to buy a bigger pair because you got broke from all that Christmas shopping (long badly written sentence right there). And also, all you do is whine about that bulging belly and never really do something about it. #BalikAlindogAngHashtagForever

See? There are worse days than the Valentines. So stay away from lechon and lechon paksiw, or else you will be doomed to be single and sulk every time the 14th of February comes around.

Just kidding.

Anyway, point is, if you want to take your bitterness to social media and vent about how unfair this day is, DON'T. Come on, the 364 days are all yours, spare that one day to those happy couples by not trying to ruin it for them (some are even couple-shaming. ugh). Also, you're just making the rest of the single people (who are genuinely happy) look like pathetic losers.

I've said this before and I'm going to say it again, this day is not just for couples but for everyone capable of loving. So love yourself. Buy yourself a chocolate, grab a beer, and chill the eff out.


  1. "Buy yourself a chocolate, grab a beer, and chill the eff out." - Me everytime haha

    1. That's also me every time. All because I always have work during valentines. Haha