Parallel Parking Is Evil

I've never been this scared my whole life.

I honestly thought that a 50-foot cliff jumping was the scariest thing I've ever done until I had to pass a practical driving exam.

I was certain I knew what to do but I just got cold all over, my heart was beating fast, my breath was short, palms were sweaty, mom's spaghetti.

Apparently, I failed the practical exam. I think I celebrated prematurely when I aced the written exam since everybody said it is difficult. I thought the practical exam is going to be a breeze since I’ve already driven in a highway quite a number of times and I was fine. I expected to show only simple driving skills. Forward, backward, turn left and right. Ganun lang. Instead, I was asked to parallel park. As if simple parking is not hard enough.

I think the examiner saw that I actually know how to drive. I thank the high heavens he didn't cut me entirely. I was given another chance and it was a do or die situation for me.

I was already in distress because I do not want to blow the chance given to me. So kind of stupid as it is, I actually watched videos and practiced online. Hahaha. Oh sure, it was tooooo easy to do in a simulator. But in real life? It’s like you’ve already tried 30 times, wasted 20 minutes, pissed 7 people off, and hit a a tree. And it could get worse.

Jan came to the rescue. He got off early from work to help me with my parking skills. I'm still not confident about parking, but Jan's teachings did help a lot. But if there's one thing I've learned that I am sure is helpful in the future, it had to be this:

How to parallel park:
Step 1. Park somewhere else.

Update: I passed my exam and got my driving license. :)


  1. Hahaha. Sarj, murag nakita tika gahapon sa SM parking ninaog sa gray na suzuki. Dili lang ko sure kung ikaw to kay wala ko kabalo nagadrive na diay ka.

    1. Yaaas! Ako to. Kita ko sa imo gahapon ui sa B3 dapit. Pero mura man kag nagdali ato. Hehe :)

  2. Good luck and be careful when on the road!